February 9, 2023

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Japan: World War II ships erupt from sea by volcanic activity Iwo Jima | Video | The world

World War II ships emerged from the sea , Due to underwater volcanic activity that occurred in August and did not occur 35 years ago. Some of these ships were on land.

Identity: Video of the exact moment when the Aso volcano erupted in Japan

Underwater volcano Fukutoku-Okanoba erupted ID Island (Previously known Iwo Jima), Formed an island of volcanic material. This moved the ships out of the water.

The All-Nippon News Network showed pictures recorded by a group that flew over the area.

According to El Paso, historians believe that the ships were the remnants of a port that the United States sought to build.

They are said to be Japanese ships captured by the Americans in 1945 and used as breakwater.


The Volcano Mount Aso erupted on Wednesday Japan, As dozens of mountaineers rushed from this tourist spot in the southwest of the country, unleashing a gigantic column of ash 3,500 meters high.

No injuries were reported as it exploded VolcanoAt an altitude of 1,592 meters, its eruption was recorded by nearby surveillance cameras.

Authorities advised people not to approach the area due to gases and ash emissions and stones thrown by rocks. Volcano.

Of slopes Volcano They were covered in light gray ash, moving in the direction of a nearby museum, with dozens of vehicles and tourist buses in its parking lot, but without reaching it.

On October 20, 2021, Mount Aso erupted in the province of Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan.
On October 20, 2021, Mount Aso erupted in the province of Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan.

Those near the mountain should “be careful because of the flow of large boulders and pyroclastic material that has been ejected,” said Tomoki Osaki of the Meteorological Center. Japan, At a TV press conference.

“Caution is needed even in remote areas because the wind can carry not only ash but also rocks,” Osaki added, warning of the danger of potential toxic gases.

The last warning of these characteristics of the mountain was in 2016, when it erupted after 19 years of inactivity. It recorded a small eruption on Thursday, Kyoto News reported.

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