March 29, 2023

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Jason Vukovic: The “Pedophile Hunter” Story of Pain and Revenge in Anchorage, Alaska, USA | EC stories | The world

293,501 residents in Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city , Is separated by the case of Jason Vukovic.

The 45-year-old man was sentenced a few months ago 28 years in prison For offense attempted assault and robbery in the first instance.

Identity: The Vatican introduces the crime of pedophilia into canon law

However, his criminal offenses have one notable feature that is not very clearly expressed.

On the date of those crimes, June 2016, Wukovich Were attacked Three child rapists, Already criminals, have beaten them with their hands and hammers when they tried to rob their homes.

Due to its ‘mode of action’, police officers were alerted.

Because of the profile of his victims, thousands of citizens expressed their unconditional support.

After all, as he said, it was Victim of persistent sexual abuse From his father until he was 13 years old.

A whirlwind of violence, for the 21,000 people who signed their petition for freedom on the Internet, may be “reason enough” to reduce the sentence.

Attacks for revenge

Vukovic was sentenced to 28 years in prison, five years of suspension and a further five years of probation in 2018. (Photo: Facebook, Free Jason Vukovic).

Five days is enough to be able to set up a local attorney’s office Jason Vukovic Mercilessly assaulted three men convicted of child abuse.

The strategy of each of them was the same: come to their house, move them to the place of beating and steal important items.

However, the vivid memory of the third victim allowed us to know two specific details of his actions: he used a hammer and showed the sexual predators the ‘revenge angel’ of the victimized children.

Determined by police officers, Wukovich He had written down the names of the men to attack in a notebook.

Their locations are said to have been provided by individuals who consulted a list available on the website of the Federal Register of Sex Offenders and Child Abusers (SOCKR, for its acronym in English).

That’s the weird thing Wukovich The attack took place 48 hours after his release from prison, after he had been fined for a misdemeanor.

At this last chance, the most severe was sentenced in 2018 to 28 years in prison for attempted robbery and first-degree assault. 23 of the Intramural Prison, is currently being paid.

Very present tense

The letter was published by various local media at the time.  (Photo: Anchorage Daily News).
The letter was published by various local media at the time. (Photo: Anchorage Daily News).

In November 2017, a few months before the hearing of his sentence, Wukovich He wrote a letter by hand in which he tried to explain the motives behind his behavior.

According to him, his extensive criminal behavior is based on the same fact: his father’s sexual abuse.

“Both of my parents were dedicated Christians and they were with us at two or three religious services a week. You can imagine the horror and confusion I experienced when this person who adopted me started using night time prayer sessions to abuse me,” he wrote.

Since then, he has admitted to experiencing severe emotional problems, which were exacerbated by trauma, reinforcing the urge to commit crimes.

“A thief and a liar fit in well with my lack of self-esteem, my quiet understanding that I am useless. The foundations laid in my youth have never disappeared,” he added.

In the midst of his reaction, a man like him now dared to think what would happen if he came to do to his father what he had done to his victims:

“When I was a little kid in my house, if someone with a tattoo kicked the door and hit the person who abused me, he would have said … ‘Yeah! Woo! I know that! I can! Thank God!'”.

The only certainty is that at the time of the attack on convicted abusers, he already had a criminal record in five other regions of the United States.

“Do not beautify my deeds. Trust me when I say that there is nothing beautiful in my life now,” he concluded in his letter.

Crime and support of the people

Clothing for 'Alaskan Avenger' - Jason Vukovic - Honor Rawat is spreading on the internet.  (Photo: Who's right? Podcast).
Clothing for ‘Alaskan Avenger’ – Jason Vukovic – Honor Rawat is spreading on the internet. (Photo: Who’s right? Podcast).

For the second instance of his sentencing, Vukovic and his attorney sought to show what happened due to the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), they argued, and the offender suffers.

The judge in this case, however, found that the offenses failed to prove that they were “often the result of untreated post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Since then, Angelina Tristan, who identifies herself as Jason’s sister, has launched a support campaign on various social media sites.

The woman who created the stage Vukovic’s petition for independence already has more than 21,000 signatures in his favor.

With the account “JusticeforJason” on Instagram and TikTok, he has amassed more than 80,000 followers.

In profiles, provide details so that followers can make some contact with Jason mainly through contact letters.

He also shared updated photos of his brother to let them know.

She, as revealed in most publications, is asking for her brother’s release because her behavior must have been a ‘product’ of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Although he himself said in his 2017 letter that “awareness in an orderly society has no place in justice”, Angelin seems to continue to defend him because, in one of his posts, a user responded to him by saying ‘he was in the right place’.

“Where was the justice when he was raped at the age of 13?” She said angrily.

Today it calls into question the more than 21,000 signatories demanding their brother’s freedom.


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