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Jaycee Ducard’s Calvary: She was abducted for 18 years, lived the dream of abuse and was accidentally saved | California | EC Stories of America | The world

Twelve years have passed since Jaycee Ducart saw the light again. She was 11 years old on the way to the bus stop to take her to school when a car stopped in the middle of the road, rolling out the window, killing her in the world of rape and manipulation. For the next 18 years.

Identity: A couple, their baby and their dog have mysteriously died in the California jungle

Those who went on the road in the rural town Myers, South of Lake Tahoe (), Were Philip Corrido And his wife, Nancy Bocanegra. They met in prison. He was a record holder and confessed to abuses, rapes and that he parked his car outside schools to look after his victims.

According to Justice reports, he had “heterosexual behavior and drug addiction.” In addition to his pedophilia and methamphetamine tendencies, he often exhibited religious delusions. In 1988, Corrido He was granted parole and went to the home of his mother, who was suffering from senile dementia. Police should monitor rape by electronic ankle. It never happened or at least it should be.

Philip Garrido, the kidnapper who imprisoned the girl for 18 years. (Instagram @jayceeleedugard).

On June 10, 1991, three years after his release, he and his wife walked peacefully Myers To completely destroy the life of a woman and her entire family.

Pain and disappearance

Jaycee Her daughter Terry And Ken SladenBut, before she was born her mother separated from her father, so she was her next companion Carl Propin, Became her foster father. From such a union, the woman had another sister, Shina, Only two years old.

That June, when the 11-year-old girl was walking to the school bus every day, her mother rushed out to work and her stepmother left her in charge. The window of the house. From the same window, Carl Saw it all. So were her colleagues waiting for her on the bus.

Nancy Boganegra, the wife of Carido, who was part of the abduction and confessed to the abuses.  (Instagram @jayceeleedugard).
Nancy Boganegra, the wife of Carido, who was part of the abduction and confessed to the abuses. (Instagram @jayceeleedugard).

He found his adopted daughter Stun immobile by a gun, grabbed the gray car and drove inside, making a “u” turn and accelerating to 240 km / h in a three-hour journey. Carl He tried to follow the car with his bike, but at one point it was impossible.

As is usually the case in these cases targeting family members- more often if they are non-biological relatives- Propin Initially targeted for disappearance Jaycee (18 years later, when the young woman appeared, she admitted the suffering she had experienced when her foster father was accused of abducting her stepmother). But that too was pointed out Ken Sladen, His ex-wife hid it from him because he did not even know he had a daughter.

As soon as the woman disappeared, photos of her face with her smile and her blonde hair began to fill the city; The area was decorated with hundreds of pink ribbons Jaycee. The family was not tired of searching or insisting on an investigation, but the negligence of the police was pathetic because they did not even think about it. Corrido He could have been a suspect when he was granted parole three years ago.

Startled home phone calls Terry, Who was eager to imagine that it might be his little girl. But some helpers wrote down her number to play bad jokes on mom and give false clues that everything they did made her even more depressed.

A perverted mind

The district had three hours for the girl to get on her school bus to get to class Against the beach, His captive place for his next 18 years.

It didn’t take long Corrido Downloaded with Jaycee His worst page. Not to mention the abuse and abuse that the offender innocent girl was subjected to, and then described in detail what she felt at the time in the witnesses: she was going to split in two.

His only hobby is watching TV on the same channel, where he asks “Who’s the boss?” Watched the series. And “Dr. Queen.” From one of the protagonists of the first project, the victim took his new name, Alyssa, Because her captors refused to call her Jaycee. Clever enough strategy to avoid being detected.

But the rape and his wife’s trick alone allowed them to go out undefeated for years, but it is impossible to think of the failed role of the police who visited the culprit’s house sixty times. , Home guards and officers continued to periodically check GPS ankle braces. What they didn’t notice was that even a little girl grew up to be an adult, even though some neighbors reported that women who were not in their family were in the garden.

Corrido She grew up with a little girl who was playing with her classmates at school, and as a result of the rape, she became pregnant at the age of 13. The couple said Jaycee When she was four months pregnant and loneliness forced her to learn even the minimal concept of motherhood through the TV shows she watched.

As she later announced, she lived in her own world. Surviving from such a reality is good to be brief about everything. But Ducart He recalled: “I only know physical abuse.” In the same way he expressed: “As time went on I became accustomed to all sorts of things.”

The kidnapper raped her victim again and became pregnant, and then at the age of two Jaycee took charge at the age of 16. Her daughters are the only reason she never feels lonely. The environment around him was initially scary though.

"Stolen life"One of two books written by the kidnapper.  (Instagram @jayceeleedugard).
“A Stolen Life”, one of two books written by a kidnapped victim. (Instagram @jayceeleedugard).

Finally freedom

The birth of children began to give more air Jaycee, Who can now go out into the garden of the house, the kidnappers have built a kind of high fence but from the outside can not see what is going on there.

The young man began designing cards for a printing company Corrido Also, it was responsible for serving customers by phone. “I’ve been on the same click since finding my mom,” the victim later admitted. But it is not.

One day, he was captured by one of his illusions for distributing religious pamphlets to students University of California. To do so, he sought permission from one of the company officials who approached him with his two daughters Jaycee. It was August 24, 2009.

The attitude of the man and the girls caught the attention of the university staff. This is all very dubious. So, the next day after they returned to the establishment, Corrido He was summoned by the police.

When women were asked what their names were, Jaycee He did not say the name he took from the TV series, Alyssa, But said something real. But the authorities did not listen properly and asked her to do it again. She could not do it. For that, he asked for a pencil and paper and wrote: “Jaycee Ducart”.

Only then did the police react. They were in front of a young woman who went missing when she was a child, and in front of her two daughters as a result of the rape of her kidnapper. But it was only when she admitted the truth that the authorities realized she was a few meters away.

August 26, 2009 at home Terry Propin The phone rang. “Don’t do this to me. It’s not fun,” replied the woman, who was accustomed to humor in bad taste, but on the other end of the phone she asked: “Mom, it’s me, Jaycee”. Also, the soul of the woman who had been carrying her daughter for 11 years had returned to the body.

Due to the judge’s poor performance, the young woman condemned the government California He received $ 20 million in compensation for this. CorridoFor his part, he was sentenced to 431 years in prison and Black mouth, A 36.

Jaycee He participated in various interviews where he described his traumatic experiences. In addition, he wrote two books: Freedom: My first book And Stolen life. He also created JAYC FoundationIt seeks to come up with families who have experienced traumatic situations. Today she is 41 years old due to her disregard for justice and after a period of her life she is 11 freely trapped between four walls.


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