February 9, 2023

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Joanne Moyes | Colombia: How does this affect the fact that two former soldiers were involved in the assassination of the Haitian president? | The world

Already confirmed it and Also: Assassination of President of the Caribbean , Wednesday morning at 7 p.m. , “Retired members of the National Army”.

At what point did our South American neighbors start exporting mercenaries? Trade Spoke with Colombian researchers Arlene Digner Y Ariel Avila.

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History Mercenaries in Colombia This is too long –Accountant Ávila, Colombian political scientist-. There were such illegal Israeli mercenaries here , Who trained mercenaries in the 80s, especially paramilitary groups”.

Since then, Avila says, It often happens that there are Colombian mercenaries in the world. In that sense, some of his comrades are involved This is one more line for the Tigers.

Before this Haiti, The last step in the discovery of a Colombian presence , The Continflesk attempt to capture Nicolas Maduro was thwarted, said to have been in the country’s Quajira field at the bottom of the country.”, He notes.

Arlene Digner, a political scientist at the University of Rosario (Colombia), recalls another case: when the United Arab Emirates appointed a significant committee Retired Army They were used in the war against Yemen.

This raised a diplomatic issue between the two countries –Dice-. So is the former president Juan Manuel Santos sought to negotiate some kind of agreement with Colombia to lend, lease or subcontract its employees., But the plan was rejected”.

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Why do the most talented military men in retirement end up as mercenaries in the world? Avila brings up the idea of ​​recycled wars.

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When the cycle of violence is over, there is no way to unite with the civilian and legal world, leaving the experts in a series of wars, no one wants to get them, and they end up as mercenaries.”.

The case is Office of Medellin, Pablo Escobar and Envicado -Criminal group in the service of Madeleine Cardinal-, which “He left a lot of hitmen“What”Are exported to the world”.

Former Haitian President Jovnell Moyes was assassinated on Wednesday, July 7, at his home in a convenient area of ​​Port-au-Prince.  REUTERS
Former Haitian President Jovnell Moyes was assassinated on Wednesday, July 7, at his home in a convenient area of ​​Port-au-Prince. REUTERS

Digner points out that this situation also exposes the shortcomings of the Department of Defense and the state because they did not offer much opportunity to those who were its members.

The military is retiring very young, they have professional activities in front of them for decades, and these options are not found in their home country, they are eager to offer their services elsewhere.”, Digner points out.

According to her, there is a contradiction: “E.We are talking about highly trained, world-class Special Forces who have international ‘knowledge’ and experience in the field, but who do not have the facilities to reunite in the community”.

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The effects?

Despite the fact that there are warnings about the dangers posed by military mercenaries, the issue is not up for public debate. Colombia. Digner thinks so, who mentions this?There are sources and rumors“On The participation of Colombian forces in wars in other latitudes.

This issue has been sidelined from public discussion. It seems that the governments of the day, the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces did not care much to discuss this.”.

The suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moyes have been detained for the past 48 hours.  Andhra
The suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovnell Moyes have been detained for the past 48 hours. Andhra

Avila joins. According to him, this is still a burden, another question of human rights issues, but it does not seem to do much damage to the country. Sure, this issue will be exploited in domestic politics, but it won’t make a big difference.

Everyone knows that Colombia exports hitmen and mercenaries. Nor is it the best invention”.

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How will the government respond to this news?

Digner asks to contextualize the event: Colombia is the target of global criticism Police brutality around community demonstrations.

This chapter adds a layer of complexity and pressure from the outside to engage in broad and open discussions about what is going on inside the Colombian civilian army.”.

For his part, Avila points out that governments are characterized by ignoring this issue and never taking action. “Now they should focus on it, but the government has always had a policy of turning its face away from these events”.

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