March 25, 2023

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Josmeri Toledo clarified what she would do if she found a boyfriend in Spain: “If I fall in love I will stay” | Entertainment | nndc | Performances

Sample He is enjoying a few days vacation in Spain, from where he decided to answer some questions of his followers through his Instagram stories.

In the story in question, the former police officer admitted that he wanted to stay and study in Spain. He also promised that if he fell in love with anyone there, he would be willing to stay and live in Europe.

“Are you planning to stay in Spain?” Is the question asked by one of his disciples. His response was immediate: “Yes, I like to read here; And, well, if I fall in love I will stay “.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the model admitted that she did the same as someone in Spain in another story and joked about the romantic situation of her friend who came with her during her trip to Europe.

“Physically, I make sure it is clean. It has to be very clean and smell good to impress me. The second thing is the type of personality … I’m not in love yet, but I know it very soon … I’ll get it very soon “,” he said. Added in another video.

On the other hand, the former participant of “Queens of the Show” was asked if he would forgive the betrayal. “No, I will not forgive (betrayal) in any way, because otherwise, I would have already been with my ex. The truth is, I will always be a Christmas tree”, he said. Made fun of.

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