March 25, 2023

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Jovnell Moyes | Martin Moyes, the widow of the assassinated president of Haiti, has blamed the body on the bodyguard

Martin Moyes, widow of the President He was killed at his home by armed commandos in early July, describing the attack bluntly and expressing his suspicion of guilt in an interview with the New York Times published on Friday.

“I only saw his boots before he was killed.” Told an American newspaper about the killers Martin MoyesWho was injured in the attack.

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The first woman to wake up from a shooting on the night of July 7 explains that she hid her two children in the bathroom before lying on the floor, on the advice of her husband.

“I think you will be safe.” Then he said Jovnell Moyes.

After being injured in the blast, she lay still, He pointed out to the newspaper.

“At that moment I felt like I was breathing blood in my mouth. I could not breathe.”, He described.

Later, commanders searched the room. He overheard them talking to each other and on the phone in Spanish. “They were looking for something, they found it”, Told the New York Times.

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He escaped the attack and was flown in for treatment in Florida, where he spoke to the newspaper. She returned to her country two weeks ago for her husband’s funeral.

Martin He wonders what happened at the time with a team of 30 to 50 agents responsible for the president’s home security. “I don’t understand how anyone could be hit by bullets.”

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After the first shots, the president summoned the two men in charge of his security. “They told me they were coming,” Moise told his wife. After hanging.

Haitian police have arrested two of these officers and Colombian mercenaries, who claim to have discovered a conspiracy organized by a group of Haitians with ties to foreign countries, but several dark points remain in their investigation.

To Martin Moyes, The only executives quoted at the moment in this investigation are the executives of the July 7 attack that deepened the political crisis in the poor country.

“Only oligarchy and organization can kill him”, Dice.

He gave the New York Times a name: Reginald Paulus, an influential businessman who entered politics.

By avoiding accusing him of ordering the murder, the newspaper said he believes he has something to gain from the assassination.

Contacted by the New York Times, Paul vehemently denied the president’s widow’s allegations and voiced support for an independent international inquiry.

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