June 3, 2023

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Juan Guide Live | Venezuela: Leader against Nicolas Maduro appears at his doorstep after a complaint of possible arrest Fabiana Rosales | The world

Venezuela’s opposition leader , This Monday, for free, on the doorstep of his home, appeared shortly after his wife, Fabiana Rosales, was denounced by police elite group (FAES) officers as being at his home for arrest.

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The protester pointed out that they did not arrest him because there were neighbors and the press, and explained that the police officers who tried to arrest him had no identity, which is why he described the attempt to arrest him as “kidnapping.”

“They, without any order, without any kind of sign, showed long arms and fired an explosive device into the basement of our building.”, He also denounced his driver being “tied up” after being ejected from the vehicle.

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“I do not know where he is at the moment I am looking for information”, Nicolas Maduro added an opponent who blamed the government for what happened.

Similarly, he denounced that he did not know where the former opposition deputy was being held. Freddie Guevara, He was detained just minutes before police officers showed up at his home.

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“Who is harassing and abducting Freddie Guevara?” Who chased us to the basement, who put an explosive in the basement of our houses? “, I am asking.

Quida He also had the opportunity to distance himself from allegations by the Maduro government that he was linked to armed groups based in Caracas, Kota 905, and reiterated that these gangs were being funded by “dictatorship.”

In addition, he asked the government to “sabotage” the negotiation process they are promoting by this arrest attempt.

“Are they afraid to reach a national salvation agreement? Fear of him in any case is dictatorship. We are firm in our beliefs and what we seek.” Indian.

He reiterated that the deal was to save Venezuela, and that “if they believe that they are going to stop us by intimidation and creating some kind of persecution, we are not going to do it.”

Quida Finally, he called on the international community to support the “struggle of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaraguan.”

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