May 30, 2023

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Kentucky: US “miracle” at factory destroyed by hurricane 110 people Mayfield | The world

Officers They are still clinging. “Miracle“More feared people are alive under the rubble of the Mayfield (Kentucky) candle factory destroyed by Hurricane Friday night, which is a dance of images.

About 40 hours after the building collapsed in the face of a F3 type F3 hurricane on Fujida, the maximum is 5 and these events are characterized by the devastation they leave behind, with state, local and federal officials hoping for still success. “Recovery Tasks”.

Despite the fact that no survivors have been found since Saturday, about 110 of them live on the outskirts of the small town of Mayfield, where they worked night shifts.

The “miracle” requested by Governor Andy Pessier could come in the form of news from a factory-owned company, which confirmed the death toll confirmed this Sunday was eight workers and many more were missing. Less than that handled by the authorities.

Bob Ferguson, a spokesman for Mayfield Consumer Products, said in a report collected by WPSD Local 6 that 8 people had died and that 93 of the hundreds who had worked in the factory at the time of the crash were safe and secure. Bessier noted that only 40 people survived.

This way, less than a dozen people will be found.

However, during a press conference on Sunday afternoon, the governor reiterated his earlier statement that only 40 had been found and that about 70 were missing.

Bessier pointed out that he could not confirm the information from the company about the figures, without mentioning.

“We are still getting information about the candle factory. Since the owner was in touch he thinks he has other information. We are trying to verify that, ”said Bessier. “I pray that the original estimates of those we lost will not be misplaced.”

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A few hours before the press conference, the governor told CNN on Friday that the death toll from the various hurricanes that hit the country had already risen to 80 and that he expected it to be more than a hundred.

“I know we lost more than 80 Kentuckies. That number will exceed 100. This is the worst hurricane we’ve ever encountered,” he said in an interview with the television network.

Mayfield was one of four landslides in Kentucky late Friday, and Bessier said he feared double-digit death tolls in at least four counties in his region.

In an interview with CBS, the governor pointed out that one of the dead this Sunday was a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old boy.

Thousands of dilapidated houses

Thousands of people have lost their homes, about 50,000 are without electricity and telecommunications continue to face serious problems, making it difficult for relatives to locate missing persons.

At the same press conference, Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas, who went to Kentucky this Sunday to show support, said the federal government was providing water, food and shelter to the victims.

Mayorkas promised that the federal government would do “what is necessary” and do what is “in its power” to assist local authorities and rescue teams.

US President Joe Biden on Saturday approved a declaration of emergency in Kentucky and allowed funds and personnel to be sent to the area.

As many as 300 National Guard soldiers are stationed in Kentucky, and the governor said Friday night that the military will search homes and provide “surety” for survivors.

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Mayfield, the focal point of the play

The city of Mayfield was hit hard by the waves of more than 30 hurricanes that hit six states in the country, killing six in Illinois, four in Tennessee, two in Arkansas and two in Missouri, according to local officials.

Through this small town, today hundreds of people quickly took to the streets to begin rescue operations, and the tornado passed, which was more than 220 miles (350 kilometers) away. United States

Meanwhile, local media reported that an old photo of the Kentucky family appeared after a hurricane 150 miles (240 kilometers) away in the state of Indiana.

Bessier explained that the force of the big hurricane was that it not only tore the roofs of buildings, but also “exploded” regardless of whether they were made of wood, concrete or steel.

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