May 30, 2023

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Kenya | Lucia Perez Theas | The Great Divide that split Africa in two and formed a new sea | NNDC | The world

On March 18, 2018, in Mai Mahiu, a rural town in southwestern Kenya, 50 kilometers from Nairobi, land began to open after several weeks of heavy rains, floods and earthquakes.

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“My wife started yelling at the neighbors next door to help us get our belongings.”, Said Eliud Njoroge To Reuters.

From that moment on, like the other families affected, the cracks in the concrete floor of their house widened until they were evacuated.

“The cracks run almost in a straight line, so you can plan them. If you see cracks going your way, get out of its way.”The Kenyan geographer explained David Adet.

The rift is about a kilometer long and two ten meters wide, and is associated with a tectonic fault known as the East African rift valley. According to experts, the biggest divide is to divide Africa in two.

Hornless Africa

Geologists consider “Sometimes” The horn of Africa will be liberated from that continent as happened in South America and Africa 138 million years ago.

Scientist Lucia Perez Theos told the Science Journal The East African Rift Valley stretches for more than 3,000 kilometers: “Divides the African plate into two equal parts, from the Gulf of Aden in the north to Zimbabwe in the south: Somali and Nubian”.

Moreover, he argues “The activity of the eastern branch of the rift valley that runs through Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania became apparent when a sudden large rift appeared in southwestern Kenya.”.

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For the geographer Dynamic Failure Research Team at Royal Holloway College, This split allows to observe different stages of cracking in vivo, therefore, it is unique.

Perez Diaz predicts that a new sea will begin to form: “In tens of thousands of years, the oceans will move forward with a complete rift”.

“The sea will flood and as a result the African continent will become smaller and there will be a large island in the Indian Ocean covering parts of Ethiopia and Somalia. The Horn of AfricaAdded.

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