March 29, 2023

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Kim Jong-un fired senior officials after a “serious incident” linked to COVID-19

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un It fired several senior officials who were blamed for the “serious incident” related to the epidemic COVID-19, At the time Pyongyang Denies that it has reached its limit.

Authorities said “there has been a serious incident which has caused a major crisis for the security of the country and its people.” Kim Jong-un During a Politburo meeting, quoted by the official agency KCNA

The company did not provide details on the number of people fired or the actions taken against them, but Kim accused them of being “victims of selfishness and inaction.”

“The incompetence and irresponsibility of senior officials is a significant factor in reducing the execution of important tasks,” the North Korean leader told the crowd. KCNA

North Korea, no corona virus?

So far the North Korean regime has confirmed the epidemic COVID-19 It did not reach its limit. Many experts doubt this.

Kim Jong-un, Headed by a country with a poor health system, decided to close the borders in January 2020 to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus It arose in neighboring China.

Pyongyang has never reported COVID-19 cases in the official media or in reported statistics. World Health Organization (WHO).

Published information KCNA That means North Korea Cases have been registered, “he said AFP Ahn Chan-il, who failed in North Korea, became a researcher at the Seoul-based World Institute for Korean Studies. (AFP)

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