December 4, 2022

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La Palma Volcano: Dogs trapped in a volcano disappear from pond before being rescued by drones | Spain | Canary Islands | The world

Amid concerns about magma progression from In the Canary Islands in Spain, the future of a group of dogs isolated for several days by lava in an area that has been evacuated for weeks is keeping people on edge.

Identity: Live | La Palma Volcano Eruption Celebrates One Month | Photos

This Wednesday is a significant moment for a specialized company hired by an animal rights organization, He will test whether he can get them out of there with his modified transport drones.

After some promising testing, an unexpected problem arose: No dogs, Or at least the drones did not see them, not even with thermal cameras, because the high temperature in the area made them take refuge in the shade of a bush or any organ that survived the ashes.

There is no company or animal rights group that promotes the activity, , They threw the piece and Announce that they will continue to search To Botenkos in the hope of giving a little joy to the thousands of palm trees that have been subjected to the slow motion of the volcanic eruption on hundreds of homes and farmland a month.

It is known that the dogs were there by some drones flying in the area where he filmed them. The same tools were used to get some food for them these days.

It is not known how many there are – some versions quote four animals, others talk about six – and even people trying to retrieve them do not know who they are, but almost everyone is skeptical of what their environment is. They are hunting dogs, hunting dogs.

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This Wednesday is a significant moment for Aerocommaras to test whether it can get them out of there with its transport drones, it promises. He was able to do a promising test: move the 15kg load on that terrain to 1,200m (they have to go 500m one way and another 500 back), with a third battery remaining.

However, an unexpected problem arose: there were no dogs, or at least the drones did not see them, not even with heat cameras. Because in the south this noon was close to 30 degrees PalmIf one of the hunters stays in the shade of the bush or has any element that survives the ashes, its heat trail does not differ from that of a stone.

“Dogs’ faces can be distinguished by 300 or 400 meters with our cameras, but it is true that they can be hidden in bushes and many other places. This makes it very difficult to detect heat,” he said. At the last traffic control before entering the exemption zone, Arocamras CEO Jaime Pereira explained to reporters waiting for the end of the search in Los Sarkozy.

Meanwhile, the drones continue to fly over the area surrounded by streams, playing the sounds that attract hounds, assuming they are already accustomed to the small helicopters that have been feeding them for several days.

About 500 meters from where the dogs are believed to have been set up by the Canary Islands’ special program for civil defense against volcanic danger, the volcano in the area is still hot, even though its scab is already cold.

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“The team of veterinarians advises us well. We know they are very tough dogs and they can take very complex situations. Once we see only one dog, we will ask permission to remove it, and from there, the person on duty will decide,” Pereira stressed.

If they succeed, they will bring a little joy to the thousands of palm trees that have been tortured by the slow motion of the volcanic eruption on hundreds of homes and farmland in a month that the resigned people thought could be nothing, only departure is possible. But this time it may be; At this point, if there is only a moment, the volcano may be bent by hand.

The lava enters another neighborhood

Volcano flowing since last September 19, Gumbre Vija Volcano, On the Canary island of La Palma (Atlantic), it advances through the urban area of ​​La Laguna, fearing that the magma has already disappeared and will face the same fate as neighboring Todok.

In the last hours the volcano advanced through the city area, erupting a week ago, destroying a service station and approaching Church Square and the school.

This, 24 hours ago, was a very hopeless situation for the crisis team, which believed that the most active streams would be sent through several tanks, causing them more damage to the sea without causing more damage than had already occurred.

“We were in the volcano for 31 days. We all had some sort of hope, but the truth is, one day there will be no ceasefire,” said Noelia Garcia, mayor of Los Lanos de Aridan, a municipality that has seen the slow movement of the Todak neighborhood.

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Now the reliance is placed on the streams that cross the area, and its progress continues toward the south side of the hill, because if it goes north the “undesirable situation” will be damaged, new buildings and many crops on the beach road.

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