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La Palma Volcano, Today Today, September 27, 2021 Monday: Eruptions, earthquakes, massive eruptions and last minute | Function reactivated | Gumbre Vija | Spain | Canary Islands | Live | Videos and Photos | The world

Volcanic eruption After 7pm in the Canary Islands, Spain returned to produce more than an hour of low-intensity Strombolian eruptions, the Canary Islands volcano company Involcol said.

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A day later, there were quiet moments, the eruption was activated again this afternoon, now Numerous volcanic eruptions and repeated eruptions are heard.

Identity: Live | The cone of the La Palma volcano breaks and leaves a large swell towards the sea Photos

The technical director of the Canary Islands Volcanic Risk Prevention Program, Povolka, Miguel Angel Morkunde, recalled today that in a Strombolian eruption similar to that occurring on the island of La Palma, its continuations and suspensions are natural. Exercise.

Previously, The volcano stopped spewing lava and ash for a few hours, Destroying the sky of this Atlantic island with a population of 85,000.

Involcan spokesman David Calvo told AFP that the volcano has been linking “eruptions and pulses of suspension” for some time.

He pointed out that despite the resumption of emissions, its activity has “slowed down compared to previous days”.

In the same vein, the Madrid Geo Sciences Institute revealed itself a few hours ago, posting a message on Twitter saying, “The activity in La Palma has been low for the past few hours.”

“You have to be very vigilant in its evolution because the situation can change quickly,” he said. However he warned.

Volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.  (AFP).
Volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands. (AFP).

The smoke that had spread ash across the island had disappeared and there was no activity in the volcano, although this was not the first time these dormant periods had occurred since the eruption.

Identity: 4 graphics and pictures showing the impact of La Palma volcano entering the “eruption stage”

Limited neighborhoods

At night, authorities ordered residents of several neighborhoods in the municipality of Dassault to restrain them in order to protect them from the potential for volcanic eruptions on the island. North Africa ..

Initially scheduled for the beginning of last week – then delayed due to slowing down flow – experts fear the effects of the burning magma’s encounter with water, which is filled with vapor hydrochloric acid, which creates a thermal shock and leads to the formation of water columns.

Spain: Shocking images of volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands
According to local media, a large eruption was felt in the area, followed by a large plume of smoke and the eruption of pyroclasts, solid pieces of volcanic material. So far the volcanic eruption has forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people.

On Sunday night, the streams were at 1 mile in the sea and were moving at a speed of 100 meters per hour, officials said.

At La Palma Airport, air traffic resumed after the aerodrome was closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Pinter announced that it would resume flights to the island from 1:00 pm local time.

The eruption of Gumbre Viza has so far caused no casualties, but has caused severe material damage and forced the evacuation of more than 6,000 people.

Flaming eruptions of ash and orange magma have submerged nearly 500 buildings and the volcano already covers an area of ​​212 hectares, including numerous banana plantations, according to data from the European Copernicus Geological Survey.

Two previous eruptions in La Palma occurred in 1949 and 1971, killing a total of three people, two of whom inhaled gases.

Source: EFE and AFP

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