February 2, 2023

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Labor Day: What happens if I work on May 1st vacation | Peru | Labor Day | nnda-nnlt | Your money

This Sunday Reminds (International Labor Day), which is considered a national holiday for both public and private sector employees. Do you know how much you should be paid if you work that day?

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This 2022 date is coming up on Sunday and the government has ordered a long holiday till Monday 2nd May. However, some areas, such as tourism, health and transportation, for example, require work during the holidays. If you had to work on vacation, how would they pay you?

What happens if I work on a Labor Day holiday?

According to Labor Day Saturday, May 1, 2021 Payment for vacation will be received in full and unconditionally, even if the worker does not arrive during the week or if there are delays.

If the employee works on May 1, without subsequent retirement, he may be charged three times as much for the following comments:

  • One day pay for vacation.
  • Pay for a double shift to work on vacation.

For example: If your salary is S / 1,200, the daily wage will be S / 40. If you work without rest this holiday, you will get 40×3, i.e. S / 120.

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What happens if my holiday comes on holiday?

Regulatory Rule 9 Whenever Labor Day (May 1) coincides with a mandatory weekly rest day, it implies that the worker should be paid double for the following comments:

  • One day pay for vacation, plus pay for weekly rest day.
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What happens if the worker works on vacation?

If you work this Sunday, May 1st, the employer must approve some additional payments in favor of the worker.

  • Payment of daily wages.
  • Holiday fees.
  • Holiday fee with 100% extra charge.

Do I have to pay for the May 1 vacation when I work?

If the worker is a piece worker, the allowance for Labor Day is equal to the average daily wage, which is calculated by dividing the total amount of unpaid wages by thirty days before May Day. In the absence of thirty countable days of work on the server, the average is calculated according to the norm from the date of its entry.

Contract workers will also get a holiday on May 1 (Photo: iStock)

Do I have to pay triple if I come to work on May 31st and leave on May 1st?

No. The rule establishes that non-working leave is not worked when the change of workplace begins on a working day and ends on non-working leave.

What are the holidays for this 2022?

They are as follows:

  • Saturday, January 1: New Year.
  • Thursday April 14: Holy Thursday.
  • Friday, April 15: Good Friday.
  • Sunday, May 1: Labor Day.
  • Wednesday June 29: St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Day.
  • Thursday July 28: National Holidays.
  • Friday, July 29: National Holidays.
  • Tuesday August 30: Santa Rosa de Lima.
  • Saturday October 08: Battle of Angamos.
  • Tuesday, November 01: All Saints’ Day.
  • Thursday December 08: Immaculate Conception Day.
  • Friday December 09: Ayacucho War- Public Works Day.
  • Sunday, December 25: Christmas.
These are the 2022 holidays and non-working days in Peru
In the video below, watch the complete list of breaks for the coming year and plan your next vacation.