March 29, 2023

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Labor exploitation in Brazil: A woman was enslaved by a family for 72 years

“She did not recognize herself as a slave, nor did she know herself as a slave,” said the labor analyst who rescued D.Ona Maria Inside Rio de JaneiroAn 85-year-old woman, 72, did housework.

He lived in the house of his employers for the rest of his life, which was inherited from father to son for three generations. When she learned that she would no longer live with the family that had exploited her for so many years, she begged to be allowed to return.

“I have to feed Ms. Yoni, I have to take care of her, I have to bathe her. If I do not come back, she’s going to die,” he said. Alexandre Lyra, the labor inspector who saved Maria, says she felt fully responsible for her employer’s life, having served her family for 72 years without pay or vacation.

Mrs. Maria He never had children, friends or romantic relationships. The main function of her life is to take care of the family that has enslaved her for the rest of her life. When the complaint was made to the labor rights analyst, the Matos Mia family handled the well-known argument: “It’s like family,” with that explanation they wanted to cover up years of labor exploitation.

Maria slept on a sofa in the hallway next to her boss’ door so she could be available when she needed it. This case exemplifies its legacy Slavery in Brazil from today.

“The power relationship they are subjected to is very strong. It is an addiction due to gratitude, emotion and traumatic debt. At least if they have a house and food there they are forced to stay because they think it might be bad.” In the past year alone, this professional has looked after a dozen women who have been exploited in the home environment for 70, 50 or 30 years, which helps keep crime at bay. The labor analyst who saved her says, “They are all black, but one is not considered black.

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For years they have been completely canceled, the social worker points out in a phone interview. “His whole life has revolved around the interests of the family.” They change churches and they go to their bosses. And if they sit in front of the TV, it’s just to watch their favorite shows. The treatment involves simple gestures such as going out for ice cream. To choose the taste, “he said Country.

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