December 4, 2022

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Laura Poso Prevention Prevention Order | Mexico

then what Laura Bosso A tax has been charged and authorities are asking for detention, The TV presenter decided to announce his position to the Peruvian press.

From underground, the television star promised that his lawyers would take care of the legal issue, and he said nothing about it.

“No, I do not know where all this is coming from. I will not talk about that issue anymore, because my lawyers, the speakers are them, time. I have nothing to speak about!” Laura Bosso To ATV News.

According to the international media, popular Advocate for the poor He will be at a hotel in Mexico City, where he defended himself 48 hours before he was due to discharge.

What happened to Laura Bosco?

A few months ago, that news was released Laura Bosso, Based on MexicoHe demanded a contract to repay a tax debt, thereby avoiding his imprisonment.

This is not Pozzo’s first confrontation with the Mexican SAT in 2018, he was accused of tax evasion of 17 million pesos ($ 853,007), including income tax (ISR), value added tax (VAT) and the Business Flat Rate Tax (IETU) in 2012.

At the time Laura Bosso He said it was “too much for taxes” and that it was a problem caused by the mismanagement of some of his accountants.

Laura Bosso She became famous in Mexico for recording “Laura n America” ​​(1998-2008) in her native Peru, where the lawyer also participated in cases such as domestic violence, prostitution and slavery.

The show has been criticized on several occasions for mocking, violence and insulting participants.

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