June 3, 2023

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Level 905 | Venezuela “We are going to drop bombs”: criminal gangs fill Caracas with terror and death | Valley | Cemetery | La Vega | Nicolas Maduro | FAES | Photos | The world

“Shoot the buildings! We are the underworld!”: Maria is cornered in the last room of her house, and Maria asks for a terrifying weapon. .

View: Kota 905: Police launch operations in dangerous neighborhoods of Caracas after 18 hours of continuous gunfire

A new clash between police and criminal gangs has been recorded in the Venezuelan capital since Wednesday. Four people are dead, According to local media, the majority by false bullets. After several hours terrorism, officials on Thursday for a new “Deployment” and declared that the people “shelter”, prescribed gain.

View: In Caracas terrorism: Gota in 905 criminal gangs was shot dead, injured by stray bullets

Planted by the criminal organizations affected by violence in other parts of western Venezuela as they did so, President Nicolas Maduro “destabilizing” a plot which connects with the government.

A police officer who has taken refuge in El Paraso says the AFP is in reserve, where the general command of the National Guard, the military body responsible for public order, is located.

Criminals “have modern weapons,” says another agent, “Green Lantern,” “to clean up all at once,” says to wait.

View: The prisoners would be dangerous part of Caracas esempi-905 is how to Kota

By drones armed with grenades and high-level gangs controlling the areas that they have a broader view and consider that the witnesses. “They can see everything from above,” the residents say.

Medical sources said at least two police officers were injured in the recent hours. There are no official figures on violence in the country in general, and in deaths caused by these collisions are very low.

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Venezuela recorded 12,000 deaths in violent acts by 2020, with the Observatory Venezuela de Violence (OVV) at 45.6 per 100,000 population, seven times the world average.

“We puttappattirukkirom”

Maria tells the AFP to call for fear of revenge from these armed gangs operating in Kota 905, which operates in a hilly Kota 905, where small walls built of sandbags can be seen as used. In armed conflicts.

In fact, it is common for Maria to see armed youths near her home. “I see them every day … they pass by the street every time with long arms,” ​​he says, the roar of bullets penetrating his silence.

“It looks so ugly, it calms down for a while, suddenly ‘plumbing’ starts, loud explosions, here we are locked in the room, we can not see our relatives living upstairs”, “he said. She thought of trying to calm the fears of his little nephew.

Clearly, listen for signs that the “thugs” are shouting at each other – as the perpetrators are popularly known – pointing to the security agents who have been used to control them. They anintavarkalai uniform “witches,” he remarked.

“Witches, witches! I’m going to the bombs dropped, due to the (partner), we bombs ‘low’ are going to abandon, Maria is asked in an audio that she was able to record through her cell phone.

As soon as the situation calms down, Maria and her family plan to take refuge in a relative’s house on the outskirts of Caracas, which prevents many people from leaving or returning to their homes. “Can’t move at this point,” he says.

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Last June, at least three people were killed in a shooting, local newspapers reported. One of the victims of the · os’ arajo yuraima nurse, was standing in line to fill his gasoline vehicle “as a result of incorrect bullet died”.

In the framework of these criminal attacks, which have intensified since December 2020, Interior and Justice Minister Carmen Melandes described the release of 38 detainees with more than 1,400 officers as an “impeccable act”.

For residents in five broad fields of official karikas this Thursday a “deployment of new security and safety measures” announced.

“State security agencies continue to be used in areas violated by these criminals, and they will not rest until full control is restored. (..) The call must be safe, calm, and have confidence in our agencies,” he said. The minister wrote on Twitter.

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