May 30, 2023

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Li Jingwei | China: Man who discovered his mother 3 decades after his abduction Thanks for drawing from his childhood memories | வெய்போ | Description | EC stories | The world

He was abducted three decades ago, when he was 4 years old and separated from his family, and now he is able to rediscover his biological mother.

Told the story of Li Jingwei It already seems unusual, but in reality it is so much more because this reunion is possible thanks to the map he was able to draw his own village based on his childhood memories.

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Because he was so young, Li was abducted and sold by a human trafficking gang.

On December 24, he Douyin Video shared on the social networking site how he hand-painted how he remembered his hometown., Helped the police to identify the village and a woman there.

After some DNA tests confirm their identity, The two met today, Saturday In Yunnan Province.

Video footage of their reunion 30 years later shows Li Jingwe crying tears as he carefully removes his mother’s anti-virus mask and hugs her.

“33 years of waiting, countless nights of nostalgia, finally a hand-drawn map from memory, this is the moment of perfect release after 13 days. Thank you to everyone who helped me reunite with my family,” Li wrote in his Doin. Profile before the meeting.

Li was abducted in 1989 near the southwestern city of Jatong in Yunnan province. Sold to family living over 1,800km.

He now lives in Canton Province in southern China.

Memory and the Internet

After failing to ask her adoptive parents or inquiring into DNA databases about her appearance, Li returned to the Internet.

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Li Jingwei has drawn a map and shared on the internet how he remembered his own village from memory. (Jimu News / Weibo).

I’m the boy looking for his house. In 1989 a bald neighbor took me to Henan, When I was about 4 years oldHe said in a video that has been shared thousands of times.

“This is a map of the area of ​​my house that I have memorized,” he said, taking a rough sketch of the city, including the building he believed to be the school, the bamboo grove and a small pond.

Li Jingwe Photography Con Su Madre.
Li Jingwe Photography Con Su Madre.

Child abduction is not uncommon in China, a society where childbearing is highly valued.

Many children are abducted at a young age and sold to other families. In 2015, 20,000 children were abducted each year.

In 2021, there are plenty of examples of young people reuniting with their biological fathers after a long hiatus.

Last July, 24 years after being abducted in Shandong province, another recent case took place when Guo Kangdong reunited with his son.


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