December 4, 2022

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Light Rahul Padilla | Mexico: Mother of autistic child burned alive after months in Jalisco Jaboban | Femicide | Description | EC Stories | the world

The case of Luz Raquel Padilla created outrage on social networks, who died after being burned alive; The woman had an autistic son and her neighbors did not tolerate noise. Happened in Jalisco. .

He died last Tuesday Four men and a woman sprayed him with liquid and set him on fire and escaped.

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Office of the Public Prosecutor Jalisco It has been reported that a case has been registered and investigation is being conducted Femicide Code, Because in May he denounced threats from his neighbors.

The woman had already condemned this on her social media Received threats against him through graffiti on the walls of the place where he lived.

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He has attached a series of photographs to his publication that show messages against him.

“You are going to die lus (sic)” Y “I’m going to burn you alive”The news said.

“How long am I going to live in fear of something happening to me? My family, and my aggressor still roam the city at risk of harm!”, The woman wrote next to the pictures.

Threats against Luz Rahul Padilla.

Organization through social networks I care about MexicoShe belongs, she scolded She was constantly threatened by her neighbors because her son, who was autistic, made noises they could not tolerate.

He had already survived the attack

According to the organization, Rachel Padilla He had already survived an attack, but the authorities ignored his case.

“Luz Rahul received constant death threats at her home Against her and her son Due to intolerance to the noises the baby makes during times of crisis.

This is not the first incident, weeks ago Luce Rahul survived an industrial chlorine attack in the chest areaOur colleague lodged a complaint at the police station Jaboban Without receiving proper attention or follow-up on her complaint, she demanded integration into the project.Vitality‘ to seek protection due to the constant threats and violence she received due to the behavior of her minor son Stress.

However, they denied him inclusion in the scheme, deeming the threats he received from ‘third parties’ not sufficient reason to benefit from it.

Lus Rahul Padilla with his son.
Lus Rahul Padilla with his son.

They are protesting for justice

For the aforementioned reasons, the Mexico City-based organization has called for a demonstration in front of the representative of the government at 12 noon on Thursday. Jalisco In the nation’s capital, at 1013 López Cotilla Street, Colonia del Valle, Mayor Benito Juarez.

Condemnation of UN Women

UN Women The activist condemned the killing Luz Raquel Padilla Gutierrez He also urged the authorities to promptly and effectively investigate his murder and guarantee the necessary compensation and protection to his family.

“We condemn the killing of #care activist Luz Raquel Padilla in #Jalisco and any form of violence against those who defend women’s human rights and fight against gender-based violence.” The international organization said through social media.

All violent deaths of women must be investigated in accordance with national and international standards on women’s human rights, including the Code of Ethics it has developed for both investigation and justice with a gender perspective.

According to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and its general recommendations, it is the duty of the authorities to use effective measures to protect complainants and witnesses of gender-based violence before and after judicial proceedings.

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