June 3, 2023

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Lima Marathon 42K | “Main objective Santiago 2023″: Lima 42K, the event that directed the capital as Gladys Tejeda and Pacheco stars | Game-Total

Neither the cold air of this rare winter nor the dark skies of Lima’s early morning could stop the more than 16,000 athletes who came to Kennedy Park in the heart of Miraflores to participate in the most important athletic competitions. Peruvian: Adidas Marathon Grains Angel Lima 42K. This Sunday, Lima rose to run, not only towards the finish line, but also in search of a sustainable city, which is why the race tried to fight against the deforestation experienced by the Shipibo community in Ucayali.

Interview: “We know the championship is long and ends in December”

The streets around the marked routes were closed to cars, but the tracks were filled with eager athletes. Minutes before the game, you can feel the emotions and nerves of the competitors as they go through their preparation rituals before hitting the track. In particular, the event was the first time the event hosted the National Marathon Championships sponsored by the Peruvian Athletics Federation. Additionally, the 42K and 21K routes are certified by World Athletics and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

(Photo: Marco Quilca)

A party from start to finish. You’ll see families with posters supporting one of the runners, and couples who decided to jog hand-in-hand on the asphalt with their date this time. And some lonely souls happily run across the world Carlos Alberto Riveros shockAlmost 60 years old, he is a member of the Citizens’ Protection Neighborhood Board of At Witter District. “This is the fourth time I am participating in the marathon. I’m just as excited as the first one, and I’m really excited to do it. “Running is my life.”He says it while carrying a trumpet and wearing a thorn on his head.

As the clock struck six in the morning and the sky began to clear, the first race of the day began: ten kilometers. Para-athlete with the innovation that all participants will get an opportunity to run alongside top running figures at national and international levels. Efrain Sotaguero He shared the song with many people watching him. In fact, paraathletes were initially highly admired by the public.

First champion of the day Efrain Sotaguero, the para-athlete clocked 33:44 minutes for 10 kilometers, roughly 3.3 minutes for each thousand meters. His visit was greatly appreciated.

A woman ran away wearing a bridal veil. (Photo: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Winner of the 10,000 race Jose Luis Rojas total time 29:40; In second place, Frank Lujan Sanchez (30:10 minutes); and, third, Anthony Chas Bautista (30:52). Meanwhile, the women’s category had an entirely red and white stage. Jasmin Matos, Flor de María Rojas and Melissa Casaygo rounded out the top three.

The most emotional moment of the day was the visit of the blind athletes with their guides and the hearing impaired. The public applauded them as they waited for everyone at the finish line.

Award for visually impaired athletes. (Photo: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

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Cristian Pacheco: “The main objective is the 2023 Pan American Games”

His shy demeanor with an almost lost look and his schoolboy hairstyle make him quite the opposite. RockstarBut when Christian Pacheco He puts on his shoes and starts running on the track, he is a real superstar. In the men’s 21km category, the man from Huanca was on the podium with a bronze medal in 01:03:37, seconds behind the Ecuadorian. Louis Masabanda (01:03:23) and Kenyan Daniel Mudeti (01:03:11).

“My goal for this competition was to get on the podium, which I did. Now I have to continue training because my main goal is the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago., Pacheco tells us while not stopping to take photos with dozens of people who recognize him from afar, not hesitating to get up close. Maybe he has something Rockstar. “I always carry them in my heart to give my best to all the people in every match”Collaboration.

Peruvian Cristian Pacheco had the best time in the 21k race. (Photo: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Christian drew attention to a race that had many memorable moments, such as some participants reaching the finish line with their children or those who decided to run with their dogs. The elderly are an example of why it is so important to lead a healthy life.

“I would like to thank the organization for organizing this marathon. Peru should have more competitions like this so that new talent can represent the country in this field.Our Olympic athlete has finished and will travel to Ecuador in four weeks to continue her preparation.

Gladys Tejeda: “The marathon will help me for Santiago 2023”

He couldn’t be in the first place, but his presence was much appreciated in the morning. Gladys Dejeda took the podium at the Lima 42K Marathon in second place behind Ethiopian Muile Degebo, although she managed to be crowned national champion in a time of 02:31:06. Gold at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games was highly praised by the participants.

“It’s my first competition this year and I’m very happy with the result and to be on the podium once again, especially in Lima and with all my people. It’s a good feeling. This decision will help me a lot to strengthen the strategy, preparation and analysis of certain things throughout these months to achieve the main objective of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.”Our Olympian tells us she can’t move because of the photos and autographs she’s asked for.

Gladys Tejeda was crowned the national champion. (Photo: Alessandro Currarino / GEC)

Bar: Lima 42 Q: Gladys Tejeda celebrates her national marathon championship

“The epidemic has affected us a lot and now the matches are very close or sometimes they cut. For this reason, together with my coach, we have decided not to attend the World Athletics Championships in Budapest in order to prepare for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.This has been my priority since the beginning.”Clarifying the importance of the event in Chile, Tejeda added.

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