November 27, 2022

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LINK, Servell | Election Results 2022 Exit Poll | Which won approval or rejection in the poll | When can I see the exit poll results and on which link can I consult the RUT online? | What happens if you win approval or rejection? | Chili cl | the world

A decisive day for the future of Chile. Voting this September 04 There the people of Chile will decide whether to approve or reject the change in the constitution. The move, proposed by new President Gabriel Boric, will go to public consultation, and this Sunday will be a crucial day. We will state in the following note what happens if the approval or rejection is successful, except when the initial results are known.

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When will the results of 2022 EXIT PLEBISCITE be released?

As everyone knows, SERVEL has made ballot boxes available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. From that time, the polling booths will be closed except for those inside the polling booth. According to estimates, the first results of the exit polls will be known between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm, which are preliminary results.

How to check results with Servell?

The SERVEL Chile website It has created a special committee to monitor the results of citizens from anywhere in the world. Let’s remember that the poll has only two options: I accept or decline. Hence, the percentage of these will appear there. Also, valid votes, invalid votes, blank votes and percentage of total votes will be published.

How to consult your precinct and polling station by root with Servell?

If you are one of the voters this Sunday, check your polling station on the official page of Servell Chile. You can log on to the official website to know the schedule and polling venue Or you can also call 600 6000 166. These are two options for finding your location and polling station for Election Sunday.

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What happens if you win approval or rejection?

If the *reject* wins these elections in 2022, Article 142 of the current constitution Indicates the present tenseThus, There will be no change.

*I approve* if you win Amendments may be made to the new constitution. For this, you will need a 4/7 quorum for approval and must be ratified by representatives and senators until 2026.