December 4, 2022

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Lucia Alvitz’s Adventures and Her Contacts with the Bolivarian Movement | Guillermo Permejo | | Politics

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Years have passed, but ideas remain. The nomination of the former candidate to Congress as the official one for Peru on Monday was official Directed by a Department, as the new Director of the International Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population , From the same group, is the old acquaintance of the new officer.

Lucia AlwightsThrough his position, he will be responsible for promoting the Ministry’s participation in foreign events and obtaining resources for community projects from international cooperation.

However, to be exact, this will not be your first experience talking to countries in the region. A few years ago, social movements towards the dawn of the Alvites were no less representative of the Peruvian chapter.

As he noted in a 2016 interview with the Savista television station Tele, it was nothing more than a “continental platform” that, in Alwight’s words, was born following the “revolutionary policies of Fidel Castro and General Hugo Chavez”. . The latter played a key role in its formation, he explained.

“Fidel Castro changed the history of Cuba, he changed the history of Latin America and the world. He gave us a guide and a mystery to the revolutionary movements,” Alwights said in an interview on the death of the Cuban dictator.

But his connections with the Venezuelan-inspired Bolivarian movement go back a long way, and he is deeply rooted.

In 2009, Alwights was no less the co-ordinator of the Southern Convention on Citizenship of Lima in Lima, considered the forerunner of the Bolivarian Continental Coordinator (CCB), which placed the FARC among its leadership. According to police sources, it was funded by ‘Savismo’.

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The newspaper accessed photographs of what the Continental Struggle Against the Criminalization of Social Protest held in May 2009 meant on Political-Cultural Day.

There, along with the Alvites, Guillermo Bermejo (Free Peru) attended the event of the current Congress, prosecuted for terrorism and was a member of that coordinator, according to Dircote, the founder of the All Voices movement.

On stage. Alvites, along with representatives from Chile and Bolivia, attended the 2009 pro-Savista event, which was attended by current legislator Guillermo Permejo.

Chilean sociologist Ricardo Jimenez, along with Alvitz, was committed to spreading Bolivarian ideology internationally.

Jimenez attended the II Congress of the Bolivarian Continental Coordinator in February 2008 in Kyoto (Ecuador). On behalf of Peru, 32 delegates attended the event, which was chaired by the terrorist fighter Roque Gonzalez La Rosa. He was imprisoned in the MRTA (Movimiento Revolucionario Túpac Amaru) group between 1996 and 2004.

On his return, Gonzalez La Rosa was captured by anti-terrorist police. At the time, he told La República newspaper: “I am an express and a former member of the MRTA.”

According to sources in Peru 21, Alwights – his new boss with Anahi Durand – attended a Bolivarian chair in Lima in 2006, attended by Amilkar Fikurova and Narciso Isa Conte, both characters affiliated with FARC.

This newspaper attempted to gather Alvites’ comments for this report. “I’m in the middle of a zoom meeting, let’s talk a little bit,” he replied. Later, the senior officer did not respond.


According to Dircote, in 2006 Permejo attended FARC training sessions in Colombia, along with former MRTA member Roque Gonzales La Rosa.

Gonzalez was convicted in 1995 of kidnapping and extorting money from Bolivian businessman Samuel Toria Medina.

Bermejo was arrested in 2006 with a plot to assassinate the US embassy.