December 4, 2022

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Luis Nunez at Sports University | He wanted to be like Iván Zamorano, and now he is awaiting a 12-year sentence for murder RMMD DTCC | Game-Total

“I didn’t shoot. It is not possible” were the first words On hearing the opinion declaring him guilty of murder. In a virtual audience, the former footballer was asked what his future holds. The final verdict will be delivered on August 15.

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Luis Núñez insists that he is innocent and that they should turn off the microphone so that he does not disturb the audience. “Put your pants on, you coward…”, he reprimands whomever he deems to be the real culprit..

Juan Abraham Pinto was murdered in 2018, and the prosecutor’s office is asking for Luis Nunez to be sentenced to 12 years in prison and 2 more for causing serious injury. “How are they going to give me 15 years if I don’t shoot,” complains the aforementioned.

“They debated about the skirt inside the house. We were outside when we heard the argument. We entered the house and there it rose in tone. Then, the argument turned into a gunfight., Núñez told Chilean newspaper La Tercera from prison on March 7 last year. “I felt a shot and I ran there. I could not keep looking at the shooters. I left the house so that the shots did not reach me,” he said in the same interview.

His situation worsened when he left the country in 2020. In February of that year he was arrested in Bolivia (Cochabamba) after 14 months.

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Today, limited, waiting for the final result, Luis Núñez lives bitter days, very different from when he wore the shirts of U Católica, Palestine and the University of Peru. “He’s desperate, devastated, undone,” his lawyer, Juan Hernandez, told the same outlet.

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The story was published in September

A Luis Nunez Everyone remembers him as a quiet person in his childhood. He is a fan of ‘U’ Católica and supports Juventud Norambuena as he practically grew up near their headquarters in La Legua. His dream was to become a professional footballer, he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Ivan Zamorano.

“He was thin, but very talented; cachañero, that was his main quality. Over time we turned it into a creative flyer.Oscar Menezes, head of lower divisions at Catholic University in 1990, recalled it. . “He always showed the conditions in training. We moved him up a division so he could play in mine. He was always in a group of projection players.”He added Fernando Díaz, who was part of the technical command.

He came to Peru in 2007 and stayed for a short time Sports University. Already at that time he was aware of his problems with the justice system in his country. In 2003, he was accused of lending an apartment to Los Ciprianos, a drug gang dedicated to drug trafficking. His house was accused of being a potential warehouse.

“He was there for a short time, but he got a special connection with the fan. He was technically good, but he also scored. I remember a goal he scored when he approached the North Grandstand on the last day of the Clausura 2007.Says Kenyi Peña, a journalist who knows the history of the ‘U’ like few others.

After his short stint in Aet, ‘Gordo Núñez’ — as Mayor Candelo called him — returned to his home country to play for ‘U’ Católica, Palestino and Ublenz. From this last club he left due to problems with coach Jorge Aravena. In 2010, the door to foreign football opened again. Ecuador’s Catholic ‘U’ hired him, but he didn’t last long. The following year he returned to Chile to play for O’Higgins, Huachipato and Deportes Concepción until his retirement in 2012, after being arrested by the investigative police for his involvement in a gang that robbed ATMs.

“When he lost his mother, I feel like he went downhill. It really sunk in. I think it was a back and forth in his life.. Claudio Toro, a journalist directed by Núñez, grew up in the same neighborhood as the Chilean player when he was in Lower Norumboona, where the sale of marijuana and crime were normalized in its glory, perhaps he turned the life of the ex-striker.

In 2014 he was accused of financing a business Drug trafficking With ties to La Legua and Bolivia, but the turning point in his story came in 2018 when eight shots were fired on Francisco Jared Street in La Legua, after which he was charged with full murder, two frustrated murders and minor injuries. He ran away.

Mario Albornos, who was shopping with Juan Pinto, was shot in the leg from behind (“cranioencephalic wound by bullet, no projectile exit,” according to the police report). The two were part of a rival neighborhood and the shooting is believed to have been carried out by his accomplice, nicknamed “Quadone” Andres Vergara. A woman who screamed at the scene was also shot in the hand. Since then, Nunez He was chased around every corner.

His story today is a far cry from his time on the football fields. His future is defined in the next few days and it looks very complicated.