November 27, 2022

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Maddie McGivern | USA | TikTok | A young man who left a bar owed 50 billion dollars for a party Los Angeles | Description | EC Stories | the world

“What happened yesterday?” Like in the movie, Maddie McGivern goes out to a bar with her friends, and when she returns home, she finds an unfortunate surprise: her bank account says she owes almost 50 thousand million. Dollars.

The story of McGivern It went viral by one of his friends Uploaded a video on Tiktok in which the young woman showed off the loan on her cell phoneVisibly worried, and surprised “What should I do?”.

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You can also see a little more than just his account on the screen 76 dollars That he spent $681 During that week.

The publication was uploaded on June 19 and at this time, it has accumulated more than 10 million views and almost two million likes.

@capflores We went out to the bar and when we got home Maddy checked her phone and she was $50 billion in debt. #fyppage is for you #fypsi ♬ Original Sound – Cap

After his situation went viral, McGivern Another video has been uploaded to your account TikTok He explained that he didn’t know why she decided to check her bank account Two o’clock.

“I wish I could say I bought the city of Los Angeles, but it didn’t happen.”said the young woman slyly.

McGivern He said he called the bank after a while Give chase to solve the problem, but the person in attendance said he had never seen anything like it.

“They also told me that I will have 50 billion dollars in my account until the year 2099 (…) I don’t know if I will be alive at that time”He noted.

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Yuvati mentioned that she would go to the bank the next day to clarify the matter.

After visiting the company, McGivern Said it was a Bank error. It happened to others too: many, of course, experienced the same fear as the young woman had seen Many ‘Red Zeros’ in your accounts.

After going viralMany users of the bank expressed their difficulty.

After the scandal, the bank explained that it was a Technical failureBut managed to fix it in time. McGivern And all customers returned to their original balance. No one has too much debt to pay off anymore.

“We had a technical issue over the weekend that affected a limited number of accounts. The issue has been resolved and those accounts now show accurate balances.”A Chase spokesman told local publication The Sun.