March 29, 2023

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Maduro reveals what he said to Castillo: “In his words I felt an honest, sincere man”

President of Venezuela, Nicola Maduro, He said in a recent interview with Teleser Point Pedro Castillo Coming soon It was announced that he had been elected President of Peru.

“I felt in his words an honest, sincere man who came to work for Peru. What the Peruvian people have provided by bringing a teacher, an ordinary man, a humble man to the presidency is truly a great surprise. I wish you all success, Peru has been around for over twenty years. (…) I told him this note. We are fraternal people ”, Maduro revealed when referring to the call between him and Castillo Made after the proclamation.

In an interview aired on July 24, the Savista leader promised that there would be a campaign against him and the Bolivarian revolution in Peru. “We have a deep people who know who we are, we know we are brothers. I wish him all the success and Peru, in its twentieth year, will start the best path again with the best path of liberation,” he said.

Similarly, Maduro again gave a negative rating Lima Group And compared his administration Organization of American States (OAS).

“The Lima Group is like OAS; It is a corpse. It was created to counter political and military intervention Venezuela And, in practice, the presidents who created it are gone. Some have already been imprisoned, even for corruption, and the Bolivarian revolution is still here, “he said.

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