June 3, 2023

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Man pays mortgage on his ex-girlfriend’s house for being a good mom eye net | LOCOMUND

Fantastic gesture! Sean Nyland surprised his ex-partner Cat Keenan by giving him the entire mortgage on his home as a birthday present. The exact moment of that young woman’s reaction can be seen in the video.

The young man said he decided to surprise him after he told his ex-girlfriend that he was having some financial problems. She said this ‘detail’ was due to the role of a good mother and that she fulfilled with her little son.

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The couple had been together for seven years and had a 3-year-old son, The lionHowever, after trying to make the relationship work, they split up in April this year. Thus, Nyland, because of the affection he has for her and the work she does with her young child, could not think of a better way to convey the message to her son’s mother on her 31st birthday.

That video is viral Tic Tac Toe, Shawn sees a few keys being thrown at the cat, and he asks: “Why are you giving this to me?” To which he responds as follows:

“Today is your birthday, I wish you the best birthday ever. Look no further, I know we’re not together anymore, you’re having a hard time paying the mortgage every month, I’m proud to think of you, you’re the best mom, so I did something … I called the bank , Paid all the money. Mortgage. This house is yours now ” Express

“I promise you, this house is yours. I called the bank, paid,” This house belongs to you”, The man added, while his ex-partner was stunned.

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Finally, Kate realizes that her son’s father is serious and looks at his email to confirm the bank transaction. “My God”, The woman immediately goes to hug her child’s father. “thanks thanks”, Dice. You are welcome, you deserve itShawn responds.

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