May 30, 2023

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Marcelo Pecci | New and shocking video showing the mysterious body of a Paraguayan lawyer in Colombia | Claudia Aguilera | Paraguay | Cartagena | Look | The world

As the days go by, information about it comes out Attorney of Colombia, Paraguay , Specializes in the fight against drugs. One of the first pictures of the murder showed his accomplice, journalist Claudia Aguilera, kneeling in front of Peggy’s body. But now another video has come out that will already expose the lawyer’s body from another perspective.

Mira: What do you know about the murder of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becci in Colombia?

He was lying on a stretcher on the beach, with his bloodied face. On his side, his pregnant partner shouts: “Is dead”.

In the first investigation, which focused on whether the murder was committed by hired assassins in retaliation for judicial action, TalkingInside now Paraguay tested six cells Those charged or in pre-trial detention are those associated with the crime.

Mira: Marcelo Becci’s murder: Accused criminals reveal video of hired jet skis

According to the country’s newspapers, Paraguay is the deputy commander of the police George Baldomero He noted that one of the requested persons was a Lebanese Qasim Mohammad Hijazi And others Colombians Were imprisoned for various reasons. Also, cell phones were confiscated and a Tablet.

Meanwhile, authorities have already released photos of who they are One of the attackers And one will be provided 2 billion Colombian peso prize About $ 500,000 – for those who provide specific information about him.

“they came Two people in a boat, They approached, shot him and left. A guard wanted to get close, but they shot the guard as well, “he said, describing the moment of the attack. On the radio Widow who married attorney on April 30th.

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In Baru they both enjoyed their honeymoon and the journalist took several photos shared on his Instagram. According to her, her husband “No threat”.

This was announced by the Director General of the Colombian National Police, Jorge Luis Vargas A Paraguayan “Commission of Officials” will cooperate with their country The investigation, at the same time, will have the support of U.S. staff in the investigations.