February 2, 2023

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Mary Barry | United Kingdom | Thinking her hands were itchy from using cleaning products, she went to the doctor, and the diagnosis was devastating Cancer | Description | EC Stories | the world

In March 2020, the itchy hands began at the beginning of the preventive and mandatory social isolation due to the pandemic. . Maria Pari, 58, was unable to get an appointment at any medical center due to the chaos in the healthcare system at the time.

Barry He worked as a director of a nursery school in London (England, ) when the problem started I thought it was a reaction to cleaning products She used to, but she consulted experts to stay calm.

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Due to the epidemic situation, the doctors advised him to send photos of the dryness of his hands and prescribed several creams, which did not solve the problem. Further, Maria was History of gallstones And his gallbladder was removed.

Maria is the mother of three teenagers: Nico, 32 years old; Luca, 30; and Nadia, 27. (Facebook: Nadia Bari).

A year and a half later, in December 2021, he was diagnosed with a disease Colon cancer. According to the National Health System (NHS), it is a very rare condition affecting only around 1,000 people in the United Kingdom each year.

“On December 24, Christmas Eve, we received the worst news of all. Since then, Our world turned upside down and became a living nightmare.”reported their children through a web portal,To save his mother. Maria is the mother of three teenagers: Nico, 32 years old; Luca, 30; and Nadia, 27. “After investigation, doctors discovered that itchy hands are associated with cancer and liver problems,” they added.

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But at first the results were inconclusive, and since it is rare in the country, experts decided not to start treatment until they confirmed what type of cancer it was. The final diagnosis came in April this year. “During the wait, the mass spread 5 centimeters. In April they discovered it had spread to the liver, so now it’s 9-cm. His life can be completed within 3 to 6 months. Chemotherapy started in May.


But Barry’s children attributed the chemotherapy to their mother “Horrible Side Effects” And they’re trying to raise money for access to effective and less harmful treatment.

“We became aware of a trial being conducted at University College London Hospitals (UCLH). Effects of gene therapy V In patients with this type of cancer. They did a biopsy and confirmed that they had identified the affected gene, so he was more likely to receive gene therapy. It’s much gentler on the body, but it’s just as aggressive against cancer as chemotherapy,” they explained.

Maria Barry's children started a collection for the cure, which is about $200,000.  (GoFundME).
Maria Barry’s children started a collection for the cure, which is about $200,000. (GoFundME).

But the monthly cost of UCLH treatment goes around £14,000 (over £16,500) per month. “This treatment is not available through the NHS. At least try to raise enough money to cover it 6 months of treatmentEven in an ideal year, that would be £170,000 [más de US$200.000]. “Any small amount would be greatly appreciated,” they added in the post. So far, they’ve raised over $28,000.

Apart from that they honored the mother with a nickname “Neighborhood Heroine”. “She is loved by everyone in the community. We can’t imagine our lives without her, but time is against us. She can show the world that this cancer can be beaten. We also want to encourage the NHS to make this treatment available.”

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