February 2, 2023

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Medvedev on Djokovic: “If he has an exception, he should play”

Daniel Medvedev Very busy day at the office. In his first singles match against Matteo Bertini (beating him 6-4 in the third set) he not only had to face tough situations on the court, but also had to work hard in the doubles division. He finally won together Roman Safiulin (Defeats Chinnar and Berettini), giving Russia a pass to the semifinals ATP Cup 2022. After achieving the main purpose of the day, the Russian sat down at a press conference to think about a completely insane day, because of what had happened along the way and out of it, taking all eyes. And all spotlights: Situation Novak Djokovic And he may be deported from Australia.

Djokovic’s case and, if possible, will give him more confidence at the Australian Open

“My opinion in this case is very simple. There are rules to those rules, there are exceptions. I’m not sure what happened in the papers, everyone who posted that he was exempt two days ago knows that. Probably that’s why he went to the airport, I think some part of it was wrong. , I do not know if it was the Australian Prime Minister who was fully involved in this case, if it was Minister Victoria or Craig Daily, I do not know because I am not in the situation. .It’s easy, but again, in real life we’ve seen it so complicated, and I do not know all the nuances of the story, which is why I focus on myself and my situation.

How did you hear the news?

“I belong to the new generation. I saw it on my mobile in the morning when all the news came in. There was a lot of uncertainty, I really don’t know if they left the country or not. He was still here. That’s why I say it’s hard to comment on everything, in the paper, I I repeat, it’s easy: if you have an exemption, you have to play here. If there’s something wrong. Open did not appear on a large scale because I did not get a visa for a long time, the embassies were closed due to Govt. என். . “

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Will the fourth match of the next Australian Open start in the absence of Djokovic?

Yes, if he does not play, I think we will kick out someone who has won 20 Grand Slams. Rafa has them too, yes, but others think we don’t have that much (laughs), but again, I think the situation is not over yet as far as I know. Djokovic could still come and compete at the Australian Open, depending on how it goes. But yes, if someone wins nine times in an event and they don’t go to that event, the film opens up a bit. It’s no secret. “

Energy levels for the rest of the competition

“It’s true that I already have a lot of tennis (laughs), but today I feel better than the first day, my body is getting used to the heat. Felt, prematurely, these are not easy situations, but my body is doing much better now than it was four days ago.It’s positive, it’s a good product for the Australian Open in terms of physical activity.