November 27, 2022

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Mexico confirms Pacific Alliance summit will now be held in Peru | AMLO | Pedro Castillo | Marcelo Ebrard | Peruvian Congress | the world

Summit of the Presidents Between Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, after a suspension in Mexico due to the absence of Peruvian Pedro Castillo, it will take place in the Peruvian capital of Lima and is in the midst of its “accelerated expansion” with the process of adding six countries.

In a press conference held after the ministerial meeting Pacific AllianceMexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo EbrardHe confirmed the meeting Mexico The pro-presidential post should be handed over Peru In that country, the date will be announced next week, he said.

Meera: AMLO receives Boric, Lasso and Petro after suspending Pacific Alliance summit due to Castillo’s absence

“My first words are to thank the Honorable Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of the United Mexican Provinces, for quickly postponing the presidential summit scheduled for Friday in Lima because of President Castillo’s lack of authority. Come”Express Cesar LandaForeign Minister Peru.

Head of Ministry of External Affairs Mexico Also informed about the upcoming induction of six new members Pacific AllianceIt was formed in 2011 as an economic and development initiative between Mexico, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard speaks during the IX Business Summit in Mexico City. (EFE/Sashenka Gutiérrez).

The new members are Costa Rica, Ecuador, Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Honduras.entered into its formal application on this day.

“To recognize the interest of Honduras in being part of this important integration alliance, not only in economic but also in economic development in issues for the social future of our people.” said Honduran Foreign Minister Enrique Reynara.

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For Singapore, its approval would have to go through congressional approval, Eppard explained.

While pointing that out, he said that Canada is resuming its path as an Associated State Mexico One of the alliance’s requirements is to sign a free trade agreement with South Korea.

“Having free trade agreements with all countries is an essential requirement, so these are very time-consuming processes. It’s hard to know right now.” Commented.

As for Costa Rica, he said it has already submitted its request and is about to start the negotiation process.

“The timings for this have not yet been decided, and in the coming weeks they should begin the process that will culminate in their becoming a member of the Pacific Alliance.” Mexican Foreign Minister added.

Alliance works, expansion accelerated

The Mexican foreign minister insisted the Pacific Alliance was “working”. This business and development initiative was celebrated as “accelerated expansion”.

“There are no membership applications for alliances that don’t work (…) there is a rapid expansion of the Pacific Alliance. It’s a win”He insisted.

In the previous meeting, the Council of Ministers Pacific Alliance It also endorsed five declarations on gender equality, protection of forests and forests in the region, well-being, youth and private sector participation in efforts to recover plastic from the oceans.