March 25, 2023

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Mexico makes abortion illegal and abolishes imprisonment for pregnant women who interrupt pregnancy

Historical paradigm in Mexico For the right to decide. The The Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN) has made abortion illegal After a historic day, all the ministers in the meeting voted unanimously. Therefore, pregnant women who decide to abort their pregnancy voluntarily will no longer be prosecuted or taken to jail..

“From now on No woman can be punished for having an abortion In the cases considered by this Court, the President of the Court, Arturo Jaldover, promised that this would be “a new path to freedom, clarity, dignity and respect and a great step in his historic struggle.” Equality and the exercise of their rights”.

The ministers of the court discussed for two days a reason that was unconstitutional Kohuvila And Sinaloa, Was very restrictive with the interruption of the pregnancy because one of the first was sentenced to imprisonment for one to three years, and the second was a rule that considers the existence of life from the moment of conception.

Minister Margarita Rios Farzat explained that “it is against the law to talk about an idea about life and that a constitutional court cannot support its decisions in particular and subjective opinions, but rather global opinions.” “The sanction of criminal law is not the power of the legislature, it is human rights. The rest are techniques to cover up the problem of women. States must focus on guaranteeing public health and safetyHe added.

Of the 32 states that make up this country, only four states have not fined the practice, So this decision sets a precedent for the right to abortion.

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Full SCJN An article in Kohuila’s Penal Code declared it invalid, in which the sentence was less than the remaining cases within the marriage or the couple’s rape.