May 30, 2023

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Mexico: Two killed in shooting between criminals due to chaos and panic at Hyatt Shiva Riviera Cancan Hotel | Porto Morelos | Videos | The world

Shooting between criminals for drug dealing at a hotel in Porto Morelos in the Caribbean. , Killed two criminals on Thursday and caused horrific scenes among tourists and workers.

When the doors opened a month ago on the beach of a luxury hotel complex at 2:00 pm local time (GMT 7:00 pm), Hyatt Jiva Riviera Cancun, Panic erupted.

View: Two killed in shooting at Mexico’s Cancun resort

Between 10 and 15 masked and heavily armed individuals arrived at the beach in at least two boats and came directly on top of two people, apparently drug traffickers (small-scale drug smugglers) belonging to a rival group.

In the first crash, one of the drug dealers was killed and the other tried to take refuge in a room inside the hotel.

But according to various testimonies and the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the man was chased by various public areas of the campus and was eventually killed by members of the rival command in the presence of several tourists and workers.

Guests at the Hyatt Jiva Riviera Cancun Hotel are hiding in an empty room following a shooting at a Cancun resort in Mexico on November 4, 2021. (Via Armando Dantitor / REUTERS).

According to a bulletin from the state attorney’s office, the first investigation showed that it was caused by a dispute between gangs selling “toxic products”.

Mira: Mexico: One person was injured and 25 people were arrested in a clash between immigrants and the military.

A few hours before the event, the first group of four or five arrived in the area “They said they were going to be responsible for the sale of drugs in that area of ​​the beach and that two of them were staying there.”

Fear among the palm trees

Tourists, mostly in swimwear on the beach and in the pool area (swimming pools), took refuge in various parts of the hotel when they heard the sound of bullets.

Many of them started spreading what was going on on social networks, and in some videos you can see hotel staff bending over and asking them to be quiet.

Although no further details were mentioned, government sources said Quintana Rs A tourist from the United States has been reported to have suffered a head injury after being hit by the handle of a weapon, while it has already been ruled out that there were more injuries.

The perpetrators fled the scene in the same boats on which they arrived, and no information has yet been provided about the escape route they followed.

After the event, a strong security device was installed, including the presence of the Army, Navy Secretary, National Guard and state corporations.

Unusually for him to take part in these activities, the Mexican Navy helicopter joined in the surveillance of the entire perimeter of the hotel complex, which was surrounded by swamps and easily accessible only by the main road. .

Afraid to speak

Hours after the incident, several workers were visibly affected by their shift change and recorded some nervous breakdowns.

Neither the staff nor some of the guests who left the facility reported to the press.

In a brief message, the US embassy in Mexico said it had been notified of the shooting on the beach, which was shared by both the Hyatt Jiva Riviera Cancun and the most affected Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun. Porto Morelos.

“Mexican authorities are responding to the situation. Asked the authority.

Mexico The first two years of the decree of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador recorded two of the most violent years in its history, with 34,689 murderers in 2019 and 34,558 murderers in 2020.

Between January and September 2021, there were 25,392 malicious homicides in the country.

In the first nine months of the year, Quintana added Rs 495 crore to the killings.

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