August 8, 2022

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Mexico’s Freedom Crito de Dolores Live: Times and Where to See Mexican Freedom Cry AMLO | Miguel Hidalco y Costilla | Answers

Early morning of September 16, 1810, Dolores, Guanajuato, Don Famous “”. It called for a revolt against the Spanish government. With this fact began the War of Independence as we know it today .

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The original date of the uprising was planned for October 1, 1810, but on September 13 of the same year an infiltration betrayed the ranks of its ranks. The traitor informed the state government about the plans of the rebels.

Joseph Artis de Domingus – who lent his house for meetings of the Independents – with the help of an ambassador warned Miguel Hidalgo about this blow. The mayor of Santiago de Guerrero was able to reveal to religion that the movement against the viceroy of Jose Miguel Tomanguez-New Spain had been discovered. Thus, the original date of the uprising was advanced.

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Known as Hidalgo It adopted the ideals of the various independent groups that had been growing against the subcommittee throughout New Spain since 1809. Along with him, heroes such as Ignacio Allende, Juan Aldama and Jose Mariano Jimenez accepted the cause of freedom, followed by Jose Maria Morelos, Hermenegildo Galliana, Mariano Madamoros, Vicente Guerrero, Leona Vicario and many other women and men.

Many of the events remembered today are related to the events of that night in Dolores. As the Father of the Nation, he rang the church bell when he announced . It was there that he delivered a historic speech with the slogan “Long live America, the Cubs must die.” One action taken to date is the responsibility of the President.

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Later, in 1813, Jose Maria Morelos asked Congressmen to commemorate September 16th.

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Already in 1825, it had become a national holiday for Mexico’s first president, Guadeloupe Victoria, but the date was changed to September 15, the beginning of Mexico’s struggle for independence. .

Where to look for the cry of independence of Mexico

Ceremony The cry of freedom, It will be chaired by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Will be broadcast on YouTube channels in the traditional Jakalo of the Aztec capital Zeproby Production Center And from Government of Mexico.

Reported by web , The official event times are:

22:51 Start a live broadcast.

22:52 Video on the establishment, resistance and independence of Mexico

22:55 The flag of the Veteran Military College begins its tour of the Escort Reception Hall.

22:57 Ambassadors Room. Touch of mile. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador paid silent tribute to the victims of the Covit-19.

22:59 President Lopez greets Obrador Escort, carries the national flag and walks to the main balcony.

23:00 The cry of freedom

23:06 Mexico tenositlon video mapping.

23:11 Video mapping2.

23:24 Pyrotechnics.

23:31 Close with a music

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