June 3, 2023

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Monkey disease | Monkey | Bill Gates’ prediction of greatness will come true | The world

Founder of Microsoft, , He did it again. In the months leading up to the outbreak of monkey flu cases in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States and now Argentina, the Chancellor and businessman have already issued stern warnings about the epidemic.

In November 2021, Gates spoke, In an interview with UK MP Jeremy Hunt, About possible terrorist attacks involving the giants virus. Even in that case, he offered a viable solution to prevent it from happening.

Mira: After the corona virus, Bill Gates began predicting a new epidemic

“Governments around the world must play germ games”, Had raised. The philanthropist stressed at the time that if people lived in constant contact with various bacteria, more defensive barriers could be created to combat them and it would be easier to respond to attacks.

Bill Gates, former CEO and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, attended a meeting in Berlin.

“What if a bio-terrorist brings greatness to ten airports? Do you know how the world responds to that? The question asked by the founder of Microsoft and he himself answered with even darker forecast. “The epidemics of life-threatening terrorism may be far worse than we are experiencing today.” Predicted.

Just like he did since the onset of the corona virus infection, Gates In the last part of the interview, he stressed the need for world leaders to be prepared to deal with any virus that may be released with the intent of harming other human beings.

Reports of tech entrepreneurs updated in recent days by media around the world have caused a stir on social networks. Many users echoed all sorts of conspiracy theories Indicated in the context of the current monkey flu.

Most of those ideas are compiled under this Hashtags # Billgates survivalist [Bill Gates Bioterrorista] Y #BillGatesMonkePox [Bill Gates viruela de mono]. Not only that, but they were accused of spreading all sorts of pathogens and testing people in Third World for years.

What is monkey pox, how is it spread and what are its symptoms?

In monkey flu, the rash usually starts on the face and then spreads to other parts of the body.  (Getty Images).
In monkey flu, the rash usually starts on the face and then spreads to other parts of the body. (Getty Images).

Disease It is caused by an orthopedic virus belonging to the large family.The first disease to be eradicated by humans through vaccinations. It has been called the monkey since it was discovered in 1958 in these animals. However it is also found in rodents.

The main route of infection is from wild animals to humans. In order for infection to occur between people, there must be close contact, which includes the exchange of body fluids (mucus, wounds, sexual fluids). It is also spread by contact with substances containing traces of liquids.

The symptoms are similar to those of a minor, but somewhat milder. It starts with fever, muscle aches and headaches. Within one to three days of the onset of fever, Psoriasis They first affect the face and then spread to other parts of the body. The most affected areas are the head, arms and legs.

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