June 3, 2023

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More than 7,000 flights were canceled this weekend as Omigron spread around the world

Over 7,000 Flights Long weekends were canceled by airlines worldwide Christmas Due to meteorite progress Omigron variant From COVID-19, Which particularly affects flight attendants.

With 3,022,868 deaths in the last seven days, 57% of the world’s total, as well as the highest number of deaths, Europe is currently the region with the highest number of cases. To us Y Canada (1,421,516 new infections).

According to a recent report on the Flightaware website, nearly 2,000 flights were canceled on Sunday, with more than 570 of them canceled. Is traveling Related to the United States internationally or domestically.

As of Saturday, the same site had identified nearly 2,800 cancellations Flights970 of them are related To us.

As of Friday, cancellations were around 2,400 and delays were close to 11,000, according to Flightaware.

Many companies had to put up Isolation To pilots, flight attendants and other crew infected with the Govt. For this reason, Lufthansa, Delta and United Airlines had to cancel Flights.

Impact on groups

According to Flightaware, United Airlines canceled 439 flights on Fridays and Saturdays, about 10% of scheduled flights.

“The peak of the cases Omigron This week across the country has had a direct impact on our staff and the people who run our operations, ”the U.S. company explained, working to find solutions for the affected passengers.

Delta Airlines canceled more than 300 flights on Saturday and 170 the previous day, again citing Flyday as the main reason for the cancellation of Omigran, and occasionally, Weather Adverse.

Teams of Delta They have exhausted all options and resources, ”the airline argued before reaching these cancellations.

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More than ten were canceled Flights Alaska Airlines and its employees have announced a decision to isolate themselves, saying they are “vulnerable to the virus.”

Climate conditions contributed to the suppression Flights. In the western United States, snowstorms and sharp drop in temperature were forecast, further complicating the already chaotic situation.

(With information from AFP)

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