December 4, 2022

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Morocco: The body of boy Ryan, who fell into a well five days ago, has been recovered

Boy RyanFive, was found dead after spending five days at the base of a 32-meter well, according to a report from the Royal House Cabinet. Morocco.

“After the tragic accident that took the boy’s life Ryan Oram, The parents of the deceased who fell into the well were invited by his esteemed King Mohammed VI, “the Arab statement said.

The report, compiled by the official MAP agency, was released immediately after the rescue operation tonight, which lasted five days and removed the baby from the drilled hole.

Speaking on the phone with the parents of King Mohammed VI VI, he expressed his condolences and said that the king was closely monitoring the “tragic incident” and advised all authorities to take all necessary measures to save the boy.

Mohammed VI “expressed his deepest condolences to the family of this tragic incident,” the note said, adding that “maximum efforts” were made to save Ryan’s life.

The note noted that Raja thanked the authorities and the general forces for the “strong” and “broad” solidarity efforts expressed to civil society and the child’s relatives.

Case with expectations

Rescue crews entered the tunnel to the north Morocco Hopefully Find Ryan aliveA 5-year-old boy who fell there five days ago.

Not knowing how long he could stay in the narrow 32-meter-deep well near Ikran, the rescue team went down with a team of doctors. Bob Ferret VillageIn the province Chef.

A team of firefighters and an ambulance, in which the child’s parents were staying, waited for the moment to intervene at the entrance to the tunnel. The helicopter with medical supplies was also nearby.

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Images taken with sonar camera, Ryan He appeared to be “lying on his back” on a bend in the well, but one of the rescue team leaders in the morning explained that “it is not certain that he is alive.” Abdelhadi Tamrani.

Redeemers They tried to send oxygen and water through pipes and bottles, without any certainty that the boy could use them. Despite the bitter cold, thousands of people, some from the area, came to camp to show their solidarity. Riff Mountain AreaAt an altitude of about 700 meters.

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