May 30, 2023

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Mummy baby wool mammoth found in mint condition in Canada

Remnants made by a baby mummy மாமத் Leather could also be found in the gold mines in the north, where almost complete wool was found CanadaIn one of the best inventions of these animals of the ice age.

“It is amazing and one of the most incredible ice age mummy-made animals ever discovered,” ancient researcher Grant Josula was quoted as saying in a statement from the government of the Yukon region on the border with Alaska on Friday.

What do we know about the mummified mummified

A female specimen discovered on Tuesday was named “Nan Cho Ka”, “big baby animal” in the mother tongue, and its skin and hair remain intact.

His remains were found under Permafrost, south of the city of Dawson, in the Yukon Territory.

The animal would have died when the area was flooded 30,000 years ago Uncles Wool, wild horses, cave lions and wildebeest.

First மாமத் Mummy made mummy is almost complete and is very well preserved in North America. A part of a child’s remains மாமத் The name FF was discovered in an Alaskan gold mine in 1948, and in 2007 a 42,000-year-old specimen, called a luba, was found in Siberia, the same size as the latter.

“Mummified remains with skin and hair are rarely found,” the Yukon government stressed, adding that the area is known worldwide for the fossils of Ice Age animals. (AFP)

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