February 2, 2023

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My Daughter Chapter 32, Trailer: What Will Happen In The Next Episode Of Kissim | Antenna 3 | Spain | Fame

The ”(In its original language“ Kızım ”) is an unavoidable event. After winning his home country, he repeated his success in many countries, including Spain, where on Sunday, August 22, he guided his time again, in part as he approached his grand final. What happens now?

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By itself, every chapter After being abandoned by a little sister suffering from a rare disease, her father, Demir, is excited after the story of Saika, who began many years ago, trying to win the affection of a professional con artist. She does not know about her existence and who does not like children.

What happens in “My Impact” Chapter 32?

And together they make a plan so that Psyche’s father can get his life back. However, a twist of events puts Cemeley in danger.

Temir will return to his loved ones, who left him for the dead, ready to be the next happy woman in his life and start a family with Saika. Canton accepts the marriage proposal and they celebrate it in style with his friends. However, not everything will be happy because Murad will try to prevent that marriage. So don’t miss this chapter.

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What is the “kisim” hour on the antenna 3?

Turkish soap opera “Kisim” is screened every Sunday at 10:10 pm (Spanish local time) on Antenna 3 in Spain.

Additionally, you can watch episodes of “My Daughter” online and directly through the AddressPlayer Premium operating system.

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How many episodes and seasons does “My Doctor” (“Kisim”) have?

Produced by Med Yapam and distributed by Mad Entertainment, the soap opera has already reached more than 20 countries. Fiction has a season of 34 episodes, although its duration reaches 120 minutes. An international version of the series is divided into 92 installments, with some chains further expanding in Latin America.