June 3, 2023

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National Economy | Ppi | ECLAC raises Peru’s growth plan to 9.5% by 2021 | NNDC | Economy

Despite the political uncertainty in the country, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (), The United Nations on Thursday raised its growth plan for the Peruvian economy from 9% to 9.5% by 2021.

According to ECLAC Executive Secretary Alicia Barcena, this upward correction is due to the fact that the external environment is expected to be favorable due to the improvement of our key trading partners, especially the growth expectations of the United States and the external increase. The price of copper, which is the maximum.

There is an internal environment in which domestic demand has recovered in the first four months of the year, especially in investment, construction and housing consumption, which has made a significant contribution”, He told Efe.

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For a major economic restructuring and better distribution of wealth, Barcelona suggested that tax expenditures representing 2.2% of GDP should be reviewed.

It should be reviewed, in general, measures to consolidate income taxes, purpose of assets and wealth taxes. Review royalties, this is another issue of great importance”, He pointed out.

He also estimated that Peruvian gross domestic product (GDP) would expand by 4.4% next year.

Latin America

In the case of Latin America, the ECLAC predicts that it will expand to 5.2% this year, indicating a significant recovery from the 6.8% deep contraction recorded in 2020, but this will not be enough to ensure continued growth or change the outcome of the epidemic.

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The impact of the crisis and structural problems in the region has worsened, and will have a negative impact on recovery and labor markets beyond the 2021 and 2022 resilience.”, Said the Sebal Secretary.

In this sense, the leading countries in the region are Panama (12%), Peru (9.5%) and Chile (8%), followed by the Dominican Republic (7.1%), Argentina (6.3%), Mexico (5.8%) and Colombia (5.4). %) And Bolivia (5.1%).

The worst performers this year were Cuba (2.2%), Nicaragua (2%), Haiti (0.1%) and Venezuela (-4%), followed by El Salvador (5%), Honduras (5%) and Guatemala (4.6%). , Brazil (4.5%), Uruguay (4.1%), Caribbean (4.1%), Paraguay (3.8%), Costa Rica (3.2%) and Ecuador (3%).

Of the 33 countries in the region, 19 will not have recovered their GDP by 2019. That’s why we say there’s a paradox as they grow, but that’s not enough”, Mentioned Barsena.

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