February 2, 2023

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National strike in Ecuador: Why is it expected that the parties will find it difficult to sit down for talks? | Tribes | கோனே | William Lasso | | The world

It has been more than 10 days since the beginning of the tribal struggle , Does not allow for tension and violent communication. Anti-government protests, led by the powerful Ecuadorian Federation of Indigenous Nations (GONE) against rising fuel prices in general, intensified this Wednesday 22 with President Guillermo Lasso refusing to lift the state of emergency in six provinces.

Mira: Live | National strike in Ecuador: Thousands of protesters march through the historic center of Quito

We cannot remove the state of emergency because it makes the capital insecure and we already know what happened in October 2019 and we are not going to allow it.”, Government minister Francisco Jimenez warned, referring to the social protests that took place almost three years ago.

To sit down and talk, Gonின்ez leader Leonidas Issa demanded that the government rescind the exemption imposed in the provinces where the protests have taken place and conditionally “militarize” a park in the traditionally tribal capital. To collect.

One person was killed and six soldiers were injured in an attack on a police facility in Puebla, Ecuador. The Interior Ministry declared 18 “missing” by police and “captured” by three tribesmen.

Meanwhile, Ecuador’s Confederation of Indigenous Nations (Confenia) of the Amazon has already denounced the existence of two dead protesters.

About 18 vehicles were burned in a fire at a police station in Puyo. (Social websites).

The situation has led international organizations such as the United Nations (OAS) and the European Union (EU) to declare themselves in favor of negotiations. The United States on Wednesday advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ecuador due to “unrest and crime” unleashed by the protests.

Ecuadorian analyst and political analyst Julio Echeverria confirms that the situation is very complex and that the crisis could get out of control if a dialogue is not reached soon.

Conflict situation prevails. Conversation is rushed at this time because the situation is out of control. Peace is a common demand of the population, and opinion polls confirm it. The problem is what are the means and means of achieving this peace as the dialogue fails.”, He tells El Comorcio.

Although there are no catastrophic conditions comparable to October 2019, Sebastian Mandila, an Ecuadorian political scientist and director of the Center for Latin American Political Studies (CELAP), confirms the massive presence of tribal and backward sectors. The marches are increasing and creating fear and anxiety among the people.

Demonstrations continue in Quito.  (Photo: AFP)
Demonstrations continue in Quito. (Photo: AFP) / Rodrigo Puntia

He emphasizes that the situation is complicated by the fact that tribal leaders have added two more to their initial 10 demands, namely the lifting of the state of emergency and the withdrawal of civilian forces from the areas where marches have been concentrated in Quito. “The government said today that the two issues were not negotiable. So we are experiencing a kind of struggle on every side to see who is giving a hand.”, Says Mandela.

Can the conversation be reached?

The unreachable dialogue was convened by various civil and religious organizations and has the technical support of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations. Experts point out that this approach was already adopted by Lass, who opened the conversation with the native movement from the beginning.

Prominent civil society actors offered to mediate the negotiations and despite the fact that it was accepted by the government, it was rejected by Gone, and its denial opens up a more complicated situation.”, Says Echeverria. “It is not possible for a deal to be close”, He adds.

Konay points out that the various occasions when its representatives spoke with Lasso throughout its first year in Lassos were fruitless, and insisted that the full list of his demands, including the reduction and freezing of fuels, be approved. Price control of essential commodities and ban on new mining concessions, among other things.

Leonidas Isa (c), President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Gone).  (EFE / Jose Jocom).
Leonidas Isa (c), President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (Gone). (EFE / Jose Jocom).

“What I believe is that there is not much intention in the dialogue on the part of Connaught,” says Mandela, who thinks the way out of this crisis is to sit down for talks because there are some issues that the government could eventually give up. It has searchable midpoints.

But on the part of the Home Department, despite a lot of pressure from businessmen and citizens to stop this thing, I did not see that option. Now with no way to get around, business, industry, tourism, and everything in Kyoto Airport are booming. Every day crores of rupees are lost.Says.

According to Echevarría, the parties need to realize that there needs to be a greater level of response and that a return to peace is essential for negotiations.

Very bad situation

Experts believe that beyond social discontent, there is a political motive behind the struggles. “There are actors who interfere with the tribal movement, they are not subject to the need for dialogue, but rather those who are interested in destabilizing the government and seizing power in undemocratic institutionalized ways. That is the basic problem”, Says Echeverria.

President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso.  (EFE / Alberto Valdes).
President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso. (EFE / Alberto Valdes).

He points out that these actors are very serious fields related to Connie and other political interests. He highlights the remnants of Gorismo and factions that have split from the Green and Democratic Left parties, and, according to the analyst, have their own agenda to seize the National Assembly and move towards a possible dismissal that could happen along that path. Government.

In these ways, the worst situation for Mantilla would be the intensification of protests, which, as has already happened in Pueblo, could happen if the police and armed forces act strongly and another opponent dies.

Ultimately, all of this will lead to President Lasso’s resignation or demand for his removal. That is the worst situation. I believe there is social unrest, but there is a deeper political motive, unrest is used by political actors“, He says.

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