December 4, 2022

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Netflix Charges for Sharing Accounts: Costs, Countries and Metering Start Date | programs

The days of Sharing their accounts for free has come to an end. The company has announced that it will be the first to be affected by the surcharge on the popular streaming service in at least 5 Latin American countries.

As is known, many subscribers reduced the cost of their plan by giving access to their account to friends, relatives or acquaintances, sharing with them the costs of the service, which included exclusive products. “Stranger Things”, “Bridgerton” or “Better Call Saul”. However, the company has decided that this practice will be affected by the additional monthly payments.

Who will be affected by this action? In the following lines, find out which countries Sharing Netflix accounts requires an additional feeAnd how much, when, and everything you need to know about it.

In which countries does account sharing on NETFLIX incur additional charges?

The streaming service’s new and controversial option is called “Pay for additional housing” and gives to members Basic plan Add additional housing to the added amount; That Standard planUp to two additional houses, and those houses Premium planUp to three additional homes.

Netflix 5 Latin American countries charge this surcharge: Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. It’s worth noting that this option is “being tested” in these regions, so it may affect other regions. Latin America In the coming months.

The streaming platform that offers products like “Stranger Things” will charge extra for sharing accounts (Photo: Netflix)

When will Netflix start charging extra?

This conversion function Netflix Active From August 2022 onwards And according to Cheng LongThis action is implemented because the practice of sharing accounts by a company administrator affects the company’s finances.

“With features like (…) separate profiles and multiple streams on our standard and premium plans, we’ve always made it easy for people living together to share their Netflix account. As a result, accounts are shared between families.This affects our ability to invest in great new movies and TV for our membersexplained is long.

This alternative Netflix functionality will be active from August 2022 (Photo: Netflix)
This alternative Netflix functionality will be active from August 2022 (Photo: Netflix)

How much should you pay for account sharing on NETFLIX?

According to official information from Surcharge payable dand $219 pesos Home extra in your account. In this way, other affected countries have to pay a proportional amount in Argentine currency.

It is worth mentioning that this action is included in the process presented in March 2022 Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. It allows “Add Additional Member” For an additional monthly fee.

What else should I know about this procedure?

  • All Netflix accounts, regardless of plan, include access from home so you can continue enjoying Netflix on any device.
  • Trips included in the option: Watch Netflix while away from home A tablet, a laptop or a mobile device.
  • New Feature for Managing Homes: Very soon announced you will be able to control where your account is used and remove homes at any time from your account settings page.

NETFLIX was withdrawn during the free month of the trial

A fact that must be taken into account by moviegoers and streaming lovers before buying a Netflix package is to know that the platform does not have a free trial month from the beginning of 2020. How?

As part of its new policies, Netflix has decided to scrap the trial period it previously offered to new users on the internet.

What are NETFLIX’s plans to address subscriber decline?

In addition to charging for sharing an account, Netflix is ​​considering some alternatives to deal with its stock market slump and subscriber flight. These are:

  • Add an ad: Another alternative is to create a subscription model that is cheaper but includes ads, as other platforms already do. It would be possible “within the next year (2023) or two”, According to its co-founder Reed Hastings.
  • Reducing investment in native content: Netflix has been a powerhouse for creating series, movies, and shows, but not all of its productions have been successful. In the first quarter, highlights include “Los Bridgertons” and “Inventing Anna.” In this situation, Netflix’s finance chief announced that they will be reducing their investment in the coming months: “We’re going to cut some costs on content and non-content”.

What caused the downfall of NETFLIX?

The blow suffered by the streaming platform is mainly due to these factors:

  • Termination of Service in Russia: 700,000 creating a loss of subscriptions. “Without this impact, we would have gained an additional 500,000 subscriptions compared to last quarter,” Netflix said in a statement.
  • Exchange of identifiers and passwords: This allows many people to access the platform without having to pay. Netflix statistics indicate 222 million active paid accounts on Netflix, but another 100 million households access with another user’s credentials.
  • Competition: New platforms such as Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max have emerged that also produce their own content.
Image of a woman accessing the Netflix app from a TV (Photo: ShutterStock)
Image of a woman accessing the Netflix app from a TV (Photo: ShutterStock)

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