May 30, 2023

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New Solidarity Income: These are the June payment dates and how do I know if I am a Beneficiary | Social Prosperity | SuperSpins | Answers

Beneficiaries of the scheme They receive fees associated with May and June, the amount of which has increased compared to previous cycles. According to Colombian President Ivan Duque, the plan has been increased from 380,000 pesos per household to 400,000 pesos.

However, it should be noted The amount of money transferred from July depends on the number of family membersAs well as its Sisben IV classification board.

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When to Collect Money Orders for May and June?

Began to provide a subsidy associated with the third payment cycle of the year Last May 19.

In the case of cash order recipients, they do so from May 23, and there will be a deadline to collect it at SuperGIROS points and allies located across the country.

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of Solidarity Income?

To verify that a person is a beneficiary of the program, you must take the following steps:

  • Enter the website
  • Click the button “User Advice”.
  • Enter the following data: Document type, document number, first name, first family name and date of issue of the document.
  • Click on the box “I’m not a robot” We need to make sure that this is not a cyber criminal.
  • Then click the button “Advice”. The system will ask if you want to verify that you are a user with the document number entered and you must accept it.
  • Finally, the tab expands and information confirming you are the beneficiary, name and the company or method by which you receive monthly payments.

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What if the Solidarity income is not paid to me?

If you came out as a user in the first step and do not appear in the list of users now, check the website Find out your current status in the project. In these cases, it is recommended to attach a copy of your document and file a written request for social prosperity.

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If you are notified that you are a beneficiary of the scheme via SMS sent by the financial institution where you have an active account or deposit, contact that financial institution to find out how to access the Solidarity income sources.

How to register in the program?

There are no records to be part of the Solidarity Income Plan. It all depends on the Sisbén data.

“To be part of the Solidarity Income Scheme, no intermediaries or records are required. The whole process is carried out by upgrading the Sisbén IV survey”Social Prosperity, explained the organization responsible for the project.