May 30, 2023

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New Zealand: A man who was vaccinated 10 times against Kovit-19 in the same day has been questioned

Health officials New Zealand An investigation has been launched following the vaccination of a man COVID-19 Up to 10 times a day, according to local media.

New Zealand Health Minister, Astrid Kournife, Pointing out that “they are taken seriously”, however, did not violate the place where the events took place.

The man who is said to have gone to various VaccineAccording to the news portal, every puncture received would have been paid for Subject.

“The wrong immunization not only puts you at risk, but also your friends, family (and family) and the community and health care groups who are treating you now and in the future,” he added.

It also warns that “if anyone knows someone who has been vaccinated more than the recommended dose, it is important to seek health advice.”

Border closures for foreigners will continue

At the end of November New Zealand authorities It said it would maintain strong restrictions on the entry of foreign travelers for at least another five months, despite the gradual easing of some of the world’s strict border controls due to the epidemic.

Minister in charge of Govt-19, Christ Hipkins, Pointing out that its citizens in Australia can return from mid-January and after a month New Zealanders can do so from elsewhere.

But according to the reopening plan released this Wednesday, foreigners will have to wait until the end of April to openly enter this maritime country.

“We recognize that this is difficult, but the end of strict travel restrictions is now in view,” Hipkins said.

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New Zealand It closed its borders in March last year, barring almost all visitors except for staying in a secluded hotel for two weeks in some exceptional cases, which was recently reduced to seven days.

Over time the frustration of New Zealanders living abroad grew, as well as pressure against the government to relax these restrictions.

Europa Press / AFP

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