December 4, 2022

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Nicholas Rosie | Fugitive arrested in Scotland for fabricating his death in the US after being admitted to hospital with corona virus in critical condition | கோவிட் -19 | Description | EC stories | The world

A 34-year-old American man has been arrested in Glasgow, Scotland and is facing deportation.

Nicholas Rossi, who was charged with rape in Utah (USA), was on the Interpol red list.

He was arrested by Scottish police on December 13 under an international arrest warrant at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where he had been admitted with the Govt-19 under the false name of Arthur Knight.

With another alias, Nicholas AlverdianRossi previously lived on Rhode Island, where he was involved in local politics and criticized the state’s child protection system, U.S. officials confirmed.

In November 2019, he told local newspapers that he had advanced status in Hodgkin’s non-lymphoma and needed to live a few more weeks. Some media outlets reported that he had died in February 2020.

In one of them, he said a condolence message was dedicated to him describing him as a “warrior who had fought from the front for two decades” for the rights of children and that his ashes were scattered in the sea.

Officers followed Rosie’s in the intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, where she was on a ventilator. The medical staff did not know that Interpol was looking for him.

On December 13, he was taken to hospital by Scottish police at the request of Utah authorities.

Police have found a fugitive man in Scotland who was on a ventilator at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The Scottish Crown Office (Attorney’s Office) announced that the defendant had appeared in a video from the hospital as part of the process of extraditing him to the United States.

Utah County attorney confirmed that it was Nicholas Rosie, who was wanted for rape, according to court records in that state.

At the time of his arrest in Glasgow, he was listed as a fugitive in several U.S. states.

Other officers mentioned in their investigation the names of Nicholas Alverdian, Nicholas Alvertian Rossi, Nicholas Edward Rossi, Nicholas Alverdian-Rosie, Nick Allen, Nicholas Brown, Arthur Brown and Arthur Knight.

He also received an FBI arrest warrant for taking credit cards in his stepfather’s name and defrauding him of more than $ 200,000 in debt.

The online memorial to the death of Nicholas Alverdian described him as one "Guerrero"
The online death memorial of Nicholas Alverdian described him as a ‘warrior’.

The Providence Journal reported this Friday that in December 2019 – weeks before Rosie told the press that she had non-Hodgkin ‘lymphoma – the Utah investigator contacted the FBI to report her location.

The allegations against him in Utah stem from an attempt by DNA testing to review cases of untested historical sexual assault.

Nicholas Rossi was the prime suspect in the 2008 case, which authorities closed without sending him to the Utah District Attorney’s Office for questioning.

In 2018 a DNA study linked him to another sexual assault case in Ohio. Investigators concluded that Rosie left the United States after leading officials in other states believed she was dead.

David Levitt, Finance de Utah.
David Levitt, Finance de Utah.

The Utah County Prosecutor’s Office is now working with federal and international agencies to extradite him to this state.

“We appreciate law enforcement’s significant cooperation in bringing this suspect to justice,” said Utah District Attorney David Levitt.

He also praised the state’s historic case review effort for “playing a key role in analyzing pending test instruments and identifying the suspect.”

Lewitt urged authorities to contact others affected by the crimes Rossi committed.

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