December 4, 2022

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Nyla Anderson | United States: 10 years old, died of a virus challenge; Now Mom TikTok | Blackout Challenge | Description | EC stories | The world

When Nyla Anderson was ten, late last year, she saw a challenge What he decided to follow: This is called a blackout challenge, and it involves recording yourself holding your breath or strangling yourself until you exit. Nyla, who suffocated on December 7 last year, did this. The mother found her unconscious and took her to the hospital, but the little girl died a few days later on December 12th.

Now Thavaina AndersonMom NylaPresented by a Case against Fight Dance Company, which owns TikTok Who does he blame for the little girl’s death. According to court filings, Thavina Anderson believes it TikTok The vehicle that suggested that challenge to his daughter through the video suggestions in the application is responsible Blackout Challenge It’s interesting for 10 – year – old Nyla Anderson. ” .

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TikTok Replied “This confusing ‘challenge’ that people seem to be learning from sources other than Dictok precedes our site and has never been a Dictok trend. We are vigilant in our commitment to user protection and will remove any content found therein immediately. We extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.,

Little Nyla Anderson died doing the “Blackout Challenge”.

This is not the first complaint

Death Nyla AndersonThe reason for this challenge is not only: (This led to the temporary suspension of the government of that country TikTok), And .

After seeing a challenge claiming that antihistamines can cause hallucinations, teenagers are admitted to the hospital for overdose; Another “Currency challenge”, Which involves placing a coin between the legs of a plug so that they form a bridge, and a 10-year-old girl tries to do this on the recommendation of Alexa, a digital assistant in the United States.

Other challenges have less dramatic consequences, but are equally dangerous in the number of people who choose to do so without thinking about the consequences: ; This call went viral last April It consists of answering geographical questions, punching the head as punishment for a mistake.

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