May 30, 2023

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Omigron | Corona virus | Anthony Fauci: Covit-19’s omigron variant less dangerous than delta | USA | The world

Doctor That said on Sunday though Is spreading fast through , The first symptoms suggest that it is less dangerous than that , Which continues to be hospitalized.

Fossil, Chief Medical Adviser to the President Joe Biden, CNN’s “State of the Union” program said scientists needed more information before making decisions about severity. Omigron.

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Reports South Africa, It appears to be becoming the dominant variant, showing that hospital admissions rates have not increased at a dangerous rate.

“So far, this does not seem to be the case.”, He pointed out Fossil. “But, compared to the delta, we have to be very careful before making any decision that it is less severe or that it does not actually cause serious disease.”

Fossil The government noted பிடன் Consideration is being given to removing travel restrictions on foreigners wishing to enter the United States from various African countries, as imposed when the Omigron variant spread in the region. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has condemned the move, saying it represents “travel racism”.

“We hope that ban can be lifted at a reasonable time,” Fauzi said. “We all feel very bad about the difficulties facing not only South Africa but also other African countries.”

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The Omigron variant was found in about a third of US states, including the Northeast, South, Great Plains and the West Coast, as of Sunday. The last companies to confirm the lawsuits were Wisconsin and Missouri.

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However, Delta continues to be a dominant variant, representing more than 99% of cases and increasing hospital admissions in the north of the country. National Guard teams have been dispatched to help hospitals in western New York, and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has issued an emergency order.

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U.S. officials have repeatedly asked people to get vaccinated against bovine-19 and get a booster dose, and to take measures such as wearing masks when they are with strangers indoors, all of which protect against the variant delta and work against other types. .

Although Omigron has become less dangerous than Delta, it is still more problematic, World Health Organization epidemiologist Dr Maria van Gerkov told CBS ‘”Face The Nation”.

“Although we have a large number of mild cases, some of them require hospital admission,” he noted. “They have to go into intensive care and some will die … We don’t want to see that happen with the already difficult situation where the delta is spreading globally.”

Two years after the outbreak, COVID-19 killed more than 780,000 Americans, and there are currently 860 deaths daily from the disease.

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