January 18, 2022

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Omigron | Corona virus | Argentina: We learned we were going to get infected ”: Argentina beaches overflow amid COVID-19 eruption | The world

City , One of Argentina’s favorite spas this summer, is packed with people this weekend as its night bars are overflowing – in the midst of bad waves, without social distance or the use of masks. It affects the country and is at the forefront of epidemics in the region.

The rise in infections in the country over the past two weeks has left officials worried that the third wave is peaking, with a record 109,608 cases being recorded on Friday, putting the country at the forefront. Infections in Latin America are more prevalent than in other countries in the region. As of Saturday, 101,689 cases had been reported.

But for hundreds of young people who have already booked in the middle of summer and paid for their vacation, this does not seem like a concern and is considered an unavoidable possibility of infection.

“We just knew we were going to get infected.”According to the Associated Press, Valentina, 19, goes to the beach with her friends Augustina and Guido, 19 and 18, who find it almost impossible to avoid infection in nightclubs.

“At the beach we always try to be on the side, not in the middle, where all the people are,” says her friend Augustina. “But already the bowling alley, is impossible”, Guido also talks about self-care activities that seem to be disappearing and scattering in this part of the Argentine territory. COVID-19 Or by the latest and most contagious variant of the virus, Omigran.

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“If you wipe yourself out, you know you have to isolate yourself, at least we’re not going to isolate ourselves, even if we are tourists, because we’re already paying for everything to be here … When we finally return, to be with our families again, if we wipe out isolation” Candela, 18, explains to the AP that he came to Santa Fe from Argentina’s favorite resort.

“The issue of synestraps and distances has already gone down in history, especially for these massive social events”, 19-year-old Jose Ignacio summarizes in a sentence the feelings of many young people who flock to enjoy open-air nightclubs without masks or any social space.

“With regard to Govt’s disease in Mar del Plata, we have a situation where there are more infections in circulation with new variants compared to last year.” We also had a wave in this, explains Viviana Bernabeu, health secretary for the district of General Puerto Rico, which includes Mar del Plata. Last year’s wave was the same drawing “The city was very flat because it was 50%”. However, the situation at the spa is no different “From other parts of the country”, He said. “We have the highest peaks, we are parked at 900 and 1,100 cases a day, but at a time when the standard population is doubling at this time of year ”.

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In the age range of 20 to 35 years, if there are spikes of infections, as they spread throughout the summer. Bernabe explains, and he makes them clear “Common and Characteristic of Community Meetings, Lunches, Nightlife in the City, Summer”

“We have no tension in the health system,” he said. Of the total 8,000 active cases, only 4 are with respiratory assistance, the commission said.

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