December 4, 2022

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Omigron | Corona virus: Countries that closed their borders with the new variant of Govt-19 | South Africa | The world

New variant , Named The possibility of further spread, even after its center in South Africa was reported, continues to spread around the world with a new, increasingly widespread border closure, a confusing situation, but this was confronted by US President Joe Biden. He asked not to panic.

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Biden asks that the borders be closed and that we not enter into “panic”

After Israel became the first country in the world to impose a strict border closure to protect itself from Omigron, there are already two confirmed cases in the country, with many countries joining in the decision to use the criteria for accessing controls. , Especially for travelers from South Africa.

President of the United States, , He assured that experts do not consider the need for “extra measures” in the country for this.

In a White House intervention with the U.S. government’s chief epidemiologist, Anthony Fossie, Biden noted that the United States was “in a much better position” than it was at Christmas last year, and urged citizens to get a fortified dose of available vaccines. In the country, though he acknowledges that it is “almost inevitable” that the new variant will reach the United States “at some point”.

As of today, the United States has imposed restrictions on travelers from South Africa and seven South African countries.

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Canada has announced two Omigron cases, the first of which will be in the United States

In its territory, it was the first two known in the United States.

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Health officials of the Canadian province Ontario He told a news conference on Monday that the two cases, which were discovered in Ottawa, were from Nigeria.

Also, two more in the town of Hamilton, about 60 kilometers southwest of Toronto, are suspected of being affected by the Omigron variant.

Canada on Friday barred foreigners from seven South African countries, including Nigeria, from entering the country.

South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Eswatini have all been affected by the decision.

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Warner of Omigron’s “highest” risk

The risk posed globally by the new Omigron variant is warned to be “too high” today World Health Organization (WHO) In the technical report on this new strain of SARS-CoV-2.

Given the high mutations in Omigran, which are more resistant to infection and more contagious, the document states that the risk of this variant spreading worldwide is “high”.

In the face of these risks, the WHO is calling on its member states to take some priority measures, including “accelerating vaccination, especially among those at risk of not being vaccinated.”

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G7 calls for accelerating vaccination in developing countries

, Especially after the appearance of the Omigron variant.

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At an emergency meeting convened by the British Presidency, representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and Japan and the European Union (EU) agreed on a “strategic fit” to extend the vaccine.

The group of developed countries addressed the need to improve the ability of the poor to receive millions of vaccines and to implement large-scale vaccination programs, for which they need “operational assistance.”

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The G7, which pledged to donate one billion vaccines at the Leaders’ Summit in June, today reaffirmed its desire to “move forward” towards fulfilling that commitment.

China will ease a billion doses to Africa

Chinese President, To fight Govt-19 on the continent.

View: Chinese President pledges 1 billion doses of corona virus vaccine to Africa

Xi made the announcement at the telematic opening of the eighth ministerial conference of the China-Africa Cooperation Council (FOCAC), which seeks to strengthen ties between the two parties and held in Tucker until Tuesday.

“I announce here that China will provide one billion additional vaccines to Africa in order to contribute to achieving the African Union’s goal of vaccinating 60% of the African population against COVID-19 by 2022.”The Chinese president said the offer “represents 600 million donations and 400 million in other forms, such as joint ventures between Chinese companies and related African countries.”

In addition, “China will implement ten health programs to African countries and send 1,500 medical professionals and public health professionals,” G said, adding that to date, its country has delivered about 200 million doses to fifty African Union countries.

UN calls on South Africa to “isolate”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said today that he was “deeply concerned about the isolation of South African nations” in the face of new travel restrictions imposed by the origins of the Omigran variant.

Guterres notes in recent days that flights announced by a number of countries from South Africa have been canceled.

Guterres once again criticized the unequal distribution of vaccines in the world, especially the low-grade vaccines on the African continent, which he says are the “breeding ground for variants” of the Kovit-19 virus.

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“African nations cannot bear the blame for the immoral low-level vaccines available in Africa, and they should not be punished for discovering and sharing important scientific and health information to the world,” Guterres said. The South African government has discovered a new variant of the virus.

The first case was found in Spain, where the incidence is increasing

, Diagnosed by the Microbiological Service of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.

View: Omigron: Spain has confirmed the first case of a new variant of the corona virus for a traveler from South Africa.

The service, on his Twitter account, indicates that he is a traveler from South Africa, who returned on November 28 at the age of 51 and with mild symptoms, according to the Madrid regional government.

The patient, who was isolated in a state of isolation, returned from a stop in Amsterdam from South Africa last Sunday.

The impact of the corona virus in Spain continues to grow, while the demand for the Kovit passport is spreading in everyday life.

The event has reached 199 cases per 100,000 people in the last fourteen days, with 22,911 new infections reported in a single weekend, the highest number in the country, not exceeding 20,000 over the weekend since last August. According to official data. Released today.

According to indicators used in the country until a few days ago, this figure puts Spain at higher risk of epidemics, which were modified to be more relevant to others such as hospital stress.

According to the criteria

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