February 9, 2023

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Omigron | Corona virus: The first signs of the severity of the new variant of Govit-19 are “encouraging,” says Anthony Fauci | USA | The world

The first signs of severity They are “somewhat encouraging,” a senior U.S. government adviser on the epidemic said Sunday. , He warned but the information is not yet available.

“Although it’s too soon to make firm claims, there does not yet seem to be a large-scale gravitational pull”, Said Fossil To the CNN chain.

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“So far, the symptoms have been somewhat encouraging.” Insisted.

Medical experts have recently stressed that the population of South Africa, where the Omigran variant was first discovered, is young and more serious cases may be diagnosed in the coming weeks.

Laboratory tests attempt to determine whether the strain of the virus, which has dozens of mutations, is more contagious than other strains, is resistant to vaccines and infections, or causes more severe symptoms. Results are expected in the next few weeks.

“There is a real risk that the effectiveness of vaccines will decline”, Stephen Hodge, head of vaccine maker Moderna, told the ABC channel.

But the extent of the damage is not yet known, he said.

“As we have seen with the delta variant, will vaccines be more effective recently, or will we see something like a 50% reduction in efficacy, i.e. should vaccines be restarted?”

Other pharmaceutical companies, such as Moderna and Pfizer, have already begun work on adapting their vaccines to the new type if necessary.

At least 15 U.S. states and about 40 countries have confirmed cases of omigran variation.

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The United States last week imposed entry restrictions on people from South Africa and seven southern countries to prevent infection.

Fassi said Sunday that he expects the restrictions to be lifted “within a reasonable time.”

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