March 25, 2023

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Omigron | Corona virus | United States: Mayo Clinic fires 700 doctors who did not vaccinate Govt-19 | The world

Mayo Clinic is located in the state of Minnesota It announced the dismissal of about seven hundred workers who had not started the vaccination process and had been given a deadline to use the first drug until January 3 last year.

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Due to the hospital immunization policy, all staff should use immunizations to prevent infections and to protect both patients and medical staff.

Although they were there until the beginning of the week to get the first vaccine, there was also a chance of getting a prescription. Medical excuse Or religion to show their reasons for refusing the vaccine.

According to information shared by the hospital with the local media ‘NBC News’, most of its employees complied with the rules and only a small part of them refused and were fired.

“Nearly 99 percent of staff at all clinic locations have complied with the Govt-19 vaccination program by May before the January 3 deadline.”The organization said in a statement shared with the media.

The total number of employees in the company is approx 73,000 employees And about 1 percent, only about 700 were laid off.

Vaccine.  (Photo: JAVIER TORRES / AFP).
Vaccine. (Photo: JAVIER TORRES / AFP).

Possibility to return

“While Mayo Clinic regrets the loss of valuable staff, we must take all necessary steps to keep our patients, staff, visitors and communities safe.”Hospital noted.

On the other hand, he stressed that there are those who have been removed from office Opportunity to return To the company “For future vacancies“If they decide to comply with the vaccination policy.

In connection with this regulation, in December 2021 a letter was submitted requesting the Medical Center to withdraw this provision issued and signed by more than 30 delegates from Minnesota.


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