March 25, 2023

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One death in China and 212 new Govt-19 cases | Corona virus | Shanghai | Omicron Variation | The world

National Health Authority This Thursday saw a new death due to Govt-19 and 212 new positives were detected the day before the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, 191 of which were due to local infection.

Death was recorded in ShanghaiFor two months the Asian country has been the epicenter of eruptions and its 26 million people are in harsh prisons.

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Shanghai (east, 82), Beijing (50), Sichuan (center, 34), and Henan (center, 11) are the provinces with the highest number of social distribution cases.

China, which adopts a strict “zero tolerance” policy for the new corona virus, is facing waves of eruptions due to the omigran variation causing an unprecedented number of infections since the outbreak in the first half of 2020.

Health officials today announced the detection of 870 asymptomatic cases, of which 825 were local (the majority in Shanghai), although Beijing did not count them as confirmed cases if they did not show signs.

The remaining 45 infections were found among travelers from abroad, who were diagnosed in various parts of the country.

The National Health Commission also reported that as of last local midnight (Wednesday 4:00 pm GMT), 394 patients had successfully passed the Covid and were discharged.

The total number of active victims on China’s mainland is 5,022, of whom 286 are at risk.

According to the company’s accounts, 222,582 people have been infected and 5,218 died in the country since the outbreak began.

To date, medical follow-up has been conducted on more than 3.9 million close contacts with victims, 293,472 of whom are still under surveillance.

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